Jerry wants to talk to some fishermen, to hear some of those old pirate tales

Jerry slapped peanut butter on another slice of bread and read the riddle to himself.

The first sign will come in the morning: Head to the island by the sailor's warning.

He closed his eyes a moment, then opened them wide. "Anna!" he shouted.

"Give me a minute," she called back, before reappearing in a spaghetti-strap top and denim shorts.

"It's getting late," he said, wondering if those legs made her taller than him now.


"So, it says morning. I'm guessing that means early morning. And it says sailor. I'm willing to bet you won't find any sailors in the library. Have some peanut butter," he added, proffering the now limp piece of bread.

"No thanks. What you thinking?"

"We need to go the docks. Find a sailor or two and see if anyone knows anything about the treasure."

Anna laughed as visions of a one-legged pirate with a parrot on his shoulder hobbled through her imagination. "Captain Hook you mean?"

Jerry looked down, sullen and folded his arms. He jumped as Anna poked him in the ribs.

"Cmon," she said, "don't be a baby. You've got to admit this is kind of weird. Riddles, treasure, ominous warnings. Those sorts of things don't happen in real life."

"Well maybe they do," said Jerry. "Or maybe they don't. But we'll never know if we don't ask somebody. And since the things does say 'sailor', it's just logical that..."

Anna pulled a face as she interrupted him, "Uh uh, don't start giving me that logical stuff. We'll be here 'til tomorrow. You want to talk to sailors we'll find a sailor. But this place isn't exactly swarming with them. I reckon the choice is between that rich guy with the yacht or the weirdo who never comes out of his cabin."

"I vote weirdo."

Anna grunted. "Weirdo it is," she said, "but I swear if that creepy cat of his gives me the evil eye I'm outta there."

Jerry stuffed the last bit of his sandwich into his mouth and stood up. "Lechs go," he mumbled, peanut butter grasping at his cheeks, "mayheeh, we'll finsh shome treashure".

The End

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