Pirate Laquisha

Pirate becomes princess

Pirate Laquisha

            The year is 3012. Captain Kirk, Pirate Laquisha and their robot dog Isaac set off on a trip to the past, to the year 1800, in FlorenceItaly. They hopped on to their pirate ship, which in the future is a floating Lamborghini. On the way back in time, Captain Kirk finds himself telling Laquisha about how she became a part of his pirate clan. He tells her that her father was a very mean man, and that he took her away to save her from him. Laquisha was grateful but she found herself trying to remember her father, and if he was indeed as mean as Kirk said he was.

            Once they arrived in Florence, they parked their pirate ship in the bay and hopped off to start their looting. Laquisha chose to go off on her own, while the rest of the crew went into the town. Laquisha wandered around until she reached the bottom of a tall hill. When she looked up she saw the large castle that belongs to Count Dracula. Before she knew what was happening she found herself walking up the huge hill. About half way up the hill, Laquisha turned to look behind her and realized she was being followed by a tall dark stranger.

            He introduced himself as Prince Elmo, and that he was on a quest to find these stolen Princess Laquisha. Laquisha explained that she was in fact the stolen princess and in a matter of minutes the Prince had her inside the castle waiting to see Count Dracula. The doors to the main hall flew open and out walked a man with a purple cape and a golden crown. Laquisha’s first thought was to steal the crown and run, but as she took a better look at the man standing in front of her and something clicked.

 “Dad?” she asked.
 “Laquisha?” they both started across the room and hugged.

            Then all of a sudden they heard a crash come from the room across the hall.

“Someone is in the treasure room!” shouted Count Dracula as he sprinted to the closed doors.

As he flung the doors open, Laquisha could see Captain Kirk and the rest of the pirates filling their bags with gold coins and jewels.

”I..I..I know you! You’re the man who stole my little princess!”
Captain Kirk flashed an evil grin.
”I knew you would recognize me! She isn’t your princess anymore, she’s mine. Come Laquisha we’ve got enough treasure.
As Captain Kirk and the rest of his pirate crew headed to the door, Laquisha didn’t follow instead she walked over to Count Dracula.
 “Laquisha! Come on!”
 “No. I am going to stay here, with my real father.”
            The Captain hopped into their floating pirate ship that was parked at the edge of the balcony and began the journey to the year 3012, one crew member short.


 Pirate Laquisha became Princess Laquisha once again and grew up to ruleFlorenceItalyalong side her husband King Elmo. Captain Kirk was thrown into jail for not paying his time traveling fees and spent the rest of his days stealing from his inmates.

The End

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