pirate girls

twin who never knew who their dad was fine out he was a infamous pirate

SIS have you seen my other shirt . no i havent  julia .have you seen my other she.no i havent gracie.you know how much i hate that name .its grace meanie.girls come down and help with the serving please .quenn anns revenge just got on to the wharf.one minute mom was said in unisone.maybe on this ship will be farther.and some cute sailors.said julia you know good and well what mama has told us atleast 1000 times no flirting on hours. besides we have no time we must plan for the trip to town tomoorow to find SUITABLE husbands if possible .butgracie thats not fair i want a adventurfind do whatever you want i want a husband whoses not a pirate .GIRLS DOWN HERE NOW .ok mom.

The End

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