Pizza TimeMature

At the wrong place at the wrong time.

"Hello your pizza is here hey is anyone there ".

Rick rung the door bell waiting impatiently he rung it again.

"Awwww shit don't tell me this is the wrong fucking  house. fuck i have to sell this pizza or the boss will have my ass". leaving the door step the door creaked opened. "about time...". no one was at the entrance , empty.

"Hello your pizza is here. hello!".

No one arrived to the door, rick peered inside the dark and gloomy home, a faint scream echoed through the darkness."i have a bad feeling about this.....well then, i'll leave your pizza right here !" shouted rick. the door still remained open , taking one step forward he tripped inside the house.

"Fucking hell...".

The door slammed right behind leaving him locked from the inside." oh shit thats not good". he heard another chilling scream from the upstairs. standing in the complete darkness Rick had an urge to go upstairs he knew it was fucking stupid but he went anyway. each step he took on the stair case creaked louder and louder until he reached the top floor. a faint light shined from one of the rooms, carefully peeking through the crack of the door, three dark figures surrounded a chained women to the wall. 

shocked by this discovery, the girl was naked and badly cut , blood oozed and dripped from her wounds." wtf " whispered rick, the three dark figures instantly turned to his voice. "holy shit" rick retreated from the horrid sight, the door behind him bursted open and six red eyes flashed toward their next victim. stumbling through the darkness rick fell down the flight of stairs  landing painfully on his back.

"shit that hurt..". Rick crawled toward the entrance door "its still locked !" he pulled and turned the door handle but it wouldn't budge.

" what do you want , i only got ten dollars take it. i won't tell anyone i swear !". the red eyes got closer. panic stricken rick bashed the door open and the sunlight spilled in, three ghostly figures retreated. Rick ran down the street like a mad man.

The End

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