Angie bent down to tie her shoe. Absolute quiet. Then she thought she heard something.

"It's just your imagination Angie" she said to herself, scratching her head.  She was on her way to Drew's to deliver her mom’s fresh baked bread and homemade soup. Sure that this was her mother’s plan to get her out of the house, she casually walked out. It was after seven in the evening, but he didn't mind the walk. It always seemed to sooth her, just to be out in the fresh air.

For the most part, she liked Drew. He was like her brother, always watching out for her, and usually caring too much. But she couldn’t completely trust him. Not with everything that she knew.  She surely could not trust him.

“Angie” It broke the silence. It had been said with an otherworldly clarity, obviously not human. Leaving her shoe untied, she took off, spilling some soup on the pavement. The bread barely remained under her arm.

She knocked on the sleek wood of Drew’s door. He quickly ushered her in. She glanced behind her; the steam from the spilt soup hovered above the sidewalk. Angie then hugged Drew and let herself in as if nothing had ever happened.

The End

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