meeting of the five.

they grew loud-- louder than before. so loud in fact, that a nearby squirrel paused a moment, head cocked, to listen. as if sensing  their dark intention however, he bounded away into a nearby bush, terror in his eyes. the whispering continued.

" they're gone."

"of course their gone. if they're not here, they're not here, and they are gone."

"indeed." "yes." "precisely."

"as we were saying...." "ah. yes. as we were saying...."

"we must act tonight. there is no other way around it."

"no other way. absolutely. we've explored every possible solution, and... "




"goose eggs."

"oh, speaking of eggs-- "



"... sorry."

"anyway. AS we were saying...."

"yes. there is no other solution, adn if we don't clear up this little problem before the end of the week, our very exsistence could readily be in danger."

" listen to yourself for a moment, you little fools! I don't think any of you realize what drastic measures these are!"

"drastic, yes. quite drastic."

"but they must be taken. otherwise..."

"otherwise what? what?"

"other wise... we'll have to inform the duchess."

"ah. yes. I'd forgotten about her."



"as we were saying..."


"there is no other option, no matter how drastic it may seem. they're just humans after all."

"of course."

"well then..... we wait. in the meantime.... prepare for the worst, all of you."

"good luck, all of you." "you too." "three." "four." "five."

the whispering ceased abruptly as the crunch of gravel  indicated someone walking slowly down the narrow garden path. the whisperers were no were to be seen.

but that was not unusual.



The End

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