Angie crept slowly around the side of the house, armed, hose in hand. Unsuspecting of any such mischief, Drew was surprised by the ambush.

“Aren’t you too old to be doing this?” he laughed. “It was okay when we were seven, but come one we’re seventeen!” “She hosed him down and wrestled him to the grass, soaking them both.

“You can never be too old to have a little fun, especially when it is harassing your best friend!” she burst out in a fit of laughter.

The two lay on the grass and stared at the sky as the hose gurgled nearby. They absorbed the light atmosphere and seemingly perfect weather. Clouds drifted slowly. Then came the whispers. At first, neither them heard the muted noises. Then they refused to acknowledge them. Before they become loud enough to raise curiosity, the sounds stopped abruptly.

Suddenly, Angie sat up; “I have some family stuff to do” she lied and ran inside, to work on, of all things homework. Drew, now alone, stared at the sky a few moments longer, before hopping the fence back into his own yard.  When both were inside, the whispers returned.

The End

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