i had a dream that was along the lines of this and it inspired me to write a story.

Piper wandered across the wasteland, her pack heavy on her back. She looked up. The disused rail-way tunnel was near here. The tunnel was a great brick tube that snaked across the land. There were thousands covering this land. This one was seldom traversed by trains. She approached the entrance and ducked inside, swinging across the tracks on a rope tied to one of the rusted platform signs. This had once been a platform. Now it was home to these refugees. Savage foreigners had taken over their cities, enslaving the weak and slaughtering the strong. So the people ran. They hid in the wasteland where no-one would ever find them. Piper had gone with them. She was an orphan, a street urchin. Along with her three year old brother, Kaleb. Their mother had died givng birth to Kaleb and her father had died fighting the invaders. The tunnel dwellers had begun to build the supper fire. They threw large logs onto a little blaze, letting the flames dance over this new fuel. She dumped her pack on the food pile and made her way too the nursery. There were many rooms in  this station. Tunnels led to empty, circular rooms. Then there was the honeycomb. This was a stack of hexagonal rooms, all piled up like honeycomb with ladders connecting them. These were where the tunnel dwellers slept. They were perfect. It was like this place had been designed for them. It was thought that the honeycomb had originally been a massive storage place. Piper, who was an inquisitive child, often wondered what might have been stored in these great compartments. Perhaps it was sacks full of elephant poo or crates full of new dresses and shirts, jerkins and leggings. She reached the nursery and quickly found Kaleb, sitting snuggling his face into the blanket that their mother had knitted for Piper when she was a baby. When she grew out of it she had given it to Kaleb. He cherished it, along with Ragbear, his teddy who was just that- a teddy made from rags. Kaleb held out his arms for her to pick him up. She did so and stroked the blackish-brown hair atop his head, very similar to her own. Hers was thick and dark brown and hung to her chin. It was dead straight and had a strange tuft that covered her fore-head and went in her eyes when it needed cutting. She often thought about growing it out, or chopping it off all together but then she would remember her mother cut it like that for her, three years ago when she was pregnant with Kaleb.  She had been ten and had been blissfully unaware of the dangers life could hold. Tears brimmed in her dark eyes. Kaled saw and tears sprang to his eyes, which were dark like hers. She retrieved ragbear from Kaleb's rickety, hand made crib. The cribs had all been made from scavanged planks and were not made by professionals. But they were all they had and Piper could hardly complain. There was an echoing clang- dinner was served. Piper quickly made her way back to the main room and grabbing two bowls, joined the que. Kaleb twisted in her arms and whimpered. He could smell food, but not see it. 

"Hush silly!" Piper said softly. " look! The food is over there see?" Kaleb saw and this quelled his whimpering. Stew and soft bread fresh from the make-shift oven. They had found a boulder and carved out a little opening and legs for it, along with a door. When they needed it they simply lit a fire underneath it and hey presto there you had a perfect oven. Piper finally made it the the front of the que and filled both bowls. She looked around for a place to sit. There was one right near by and she hurried to sit at it. Placing both bowls down, she nodded at the family who were sitting on the other side and began shovelling her food. She was starving! Kaleb copied her not bothering with a knife and fork, he scooped the stew in his palm and held the bread in his other. Both were finished long before the family opposite. Just then Piper heard a low whistle. The look-out heard it too.


The End

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