Go crazy, dream in color. Cats, doors, and very small rocks. A pipe tree in crumbling deliriousness.

Where am I?

Standing in my front yard, looking down a strange hole that wasn't there before. I looked up at the familier trees, down the familier street, and back at the face of my familier house. Then I looked down the hole. My cat was standing on the other side, looking down as well. He looked up at me. Just then, I remembered wondering where I was. How odd, this was completely normal. Except for the hole. There seemed to be a strange, dark colored light seeping from the hole. The kind of light that turned white things purple or orange. What was it called? Black light. It was very harsh. My cat was still looking at me.

"Well, what do you think?" I asked it. "A hole. I wonder how deep it is." Speaking thus, I bent and picked up a small stone and without much ado tossed it into the hole. It thumped to the bottom barely a moment later. "So, not too deep then," I said. "I wonder where it goes?" I sat down on the edge, and scooted into the hole, landing on my feet at the bottom. Looking around I spied a tunnel where the light was stronger. My cat landed on my head, startling me. "Cat!" I cursed, shaking it off. It landed lightly on its orange feet and started down the tunnel, pausing to look back at me expectantly. "I know, I'm coming, cat," I said, "I want to see where this goes."

I walked down the tunnel, my eyes gradually adjusting to the darkness. I kept my eyes on my cat, and therefore didn't notice when the tunnel expanded around me. Soon, I was walking along the floor of a huge chamber. Ahead of me, the cat stopped at the lip of a cliff, where the light was coming from. Cautiously, I edged to the edge. "My," I said as I gazed out over the chasm. Criss crossing for as far as I could see, down and down and down, were pipes. Pipes of many colors, neon and pastel. The brighter neon ones were the source of the strange light. A foot below the edge of the cliff, a huge orange pipe protruded, looking remarkably inviting. "My," I said again as my cat jumped onto it. "That looks sturdy, I suppose. Ally-oop," I muttered as I jumped onto the pipe. It was wide enough for three of me to walk shoulder to shoulder. I began walking along it, and soon it started going down at a barely noticable slope, and turning corners. After a while, other pipes began getting closer, even rising above my head. I looked up; the cliff where I had started my journey was no longer in sight. "Remarkable," I remarked, and my cat meowed. Once, I passed by a slender pipe glowing pale pink. I reached out to touch it, but it crumbled when my hand came in contact with it, disintegrating like chalk and falling soundlessly into the abyss below. I watched it fall, frowning, then walked on. Then I passed close to a pipe glowing crimson, no wider than the nail on my littlest finger. It was above my head, and I looked up at it wonderingly. It was so small. I reached up to it, but it crumbled as well with a dry hiss, and some of it fell in my hair. I brushed it off into my hand and examined it. It was very dusty, like chalk. It was still glowing, and when I brushed it off my hands, the red glow remained on my skin, and on my pants where it touched. I looked quizzically at my hands, hoping it was just dust that would rub off soon and not something permanent. I walked on.

My cat still strutted confidently up ahead. I wondered if it knew where it was going. Suddenly, it stopped. It sat down, facing to the left side of the big pipe. I walked up to it. "Cat," I said. "Why did you stop?" Then, I gasped because I saw something strange. A door, to be more clear. But a floating door. Would you have gasped?

I stopped next to the cat, looking at this door. It just hung there, suspended by nothing, resting on nothing, just off the edge of the pipe. "Remarkable," I remarked. "I wonder where this goes." It was close enough to touch, so I reached out and turned the handle. It opened, and beyond it I saw another  large pipe, one that glowed a rather violent looking blue. It looked ready to be stepped on. Beyond it was an equally large pipe, purple in color. "Alright then," I said, and stepped through. As I did, there was an odd sensation; tingly and fluttery in my stomach. Suddenly, the front of me was much more heavier than the bottom of me. Gravity changed so that as my momentum carried me through the door, instead of stepping on the blue pipe, I fell past it. I smacked into the purple pipe, loosing all my breath in a great whoosh. Coughing and gasping, I looked back up at the door I had just come through, and saw my cat sitting there, coolly licking its paw.

"Why you," I said, twisting so that I sat on my behind, still looking up. "I bet you knew that was going to happen." When I finished talking, my cat finished licking. It jumped through the door, and landed heavily in my lap. "Well, you. What now? I can't very well just jump back up there and get back to the orange pipe. I suppose...." I trailed off, looking both directions down the purple pipe. "I follow this one. Only, which way?" My cat started purring and licking its paw again. "Hmph. Big help you are."

The End

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