Pins "N" Needles

Johnny was sprawled on the sofa as usual. Messy hair and his eyes were going square from watching too much T.V. They were fixed on that screen like some magnetic pull and his arse was bounded to the cushions like the suffocating love from an overbearing mother. He would jiggle his right leg, back and forth occasionally, to prevent himself from pins and needles. Occasionally he would let it pass and enjoy the sensation, a stupified grin would stretch across his face as he became aware of the tingling, gathering from his foot and slowly spreading up his leg.

You could not help but feel a little sorry for Johnny, sprawled in front of the television. There was a beautiful sense of despondency about him, say what you want, he was still a pretty intelligent bloke. It raised concerns for his parents undoubtedly. They would hassle him, his father often persuading to go outside and experience things, live in the real world. His mother would be the soft touch, asking about his plans for the evening or suggesting days out.  Neither of this worked for Johnny.

One day he was lying on his favourite sofa, opened book at his side, glass of beer on the floor, when suddenly he felt that sensation.  He thought deep and hard about this, the brain cells raced to make that decision. Shall I let them in? It was not much of a brain teaser for Johnny, "I will let them in!" On that note the fuzziness took over his toes, there.... there was that stupified grin. He liked this feeling, he was very fond of it. It was like having a loving companion gently massaging his foot. He jiggled his right leg back and forth taking in every inch of this sensation. It gathered up his leg, gently massaging. Suddenly Johnny screamed out in pain. His parents ran in only to seeing him twisting and writhing. "What! What's wrong the both yelled." 

What was a nice tingling sensation had turned into a dark and evil grip tightening round his leg, but his parent's could not see this. They could not help poor Johnny.  

The End

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