Pinkie's Team~Story Info

A team that fights bad guys and save many people lives

Pinkie's Team: Pinkie's Team is the one of the fantasy group with young ages. They are not allowed to fight evil, but they can be ones with a ton of adventures.


Name: Pinkie Jackson

Age: 14

Appearance: She has red, long hair with pink eyes which that made her name as Pinkie. She is shorter one than her team. She is very slender and standing 5'1. 

Personalities: She is very brave girl when it is come to her. She likes to be on dangerous missions to feel free. She makes sure her team members get things done. She can be goofy and make fun of her enemies sometimes. 

Skills: She is very good as a fighter and plan tricks on her enemies.


Name: Toby Jackson

Age: 17

Appearance: He have red, curly hair with yellow eyes. He is 5'10 height and very slender, but muscular. He always wears a mask to hide his face.

Personalities: He is very protection about his little sister and his members. He will always hides in the shadows to watch them. When a bad guy tries to kill them, he will get out of the shadows and try to stop them.

Skills: He can fight with his bare hands.


Name: Vera Stevenson

Age: 15

Appearance: She has blonde hair with red eyes. She is skinny and weak. She is 5'5 height tall. She always wears a white hoodie.

Personalities: She is very shy around her group. She talks very low which that made people don't heard her. She don't like anyone messing with her teammates. She can talk out the enemies without fighting them. She always have a crush on Toby when they first met.

Skills: She can confront the enemies as she finds their weakness on something.


Name: Lion X

Age: 14

Appearance: He has orange hair with brown eyes. He is very muscular and 5'9. He has a lion skin jacket to marked his name.

Personalities: He gets very angry and stay away from the normal people. He never like people since he was born. He disagrees from being someone else and enjoy being different. He trains to kill his enemies and drinks many beer whatever he wanted. When he met Pinkie who is normal and likes who is he, he start to like her. He, however, hates her brother being so protection all the time.

Skills: He can use his strength to kill enemies and pick up heavy things.


Name: Katie Yesterday

Age: 13

Appearance: She has a black, long hair with a right eye is  purple and left eye is green. She is skinny and weak. She is 5'3 height tall.

Personalities: She is a playful child in the group. She make silly jokes and make fun of her team members. She was the new member since she was rescued by Toby. She can get easily kill in missions that Toby has to watch her. However, she can pull pranks on the enemies. She is very nice to Vera and pretty cool with Pinkie.

Skills: She is master of pranks. She uses anything that Pinkie planned and she do it.


Name: Chris Alexandra 

Age: 9

Appearance: He has white hair with grey eyes. He is the youngest member in the team. He is 4'6 height and slender. 

Personalities: He is outgoing kid. He enjoys his crew and made them his new family. He used to had one until his family died from people who are kidnappers. He was rescued by Pinkie and  became a newest member. He will try to rescue his team members with his hidden power.

Skills: He has a power to make snow like Elsa from Frozen. He freeze his enemies and sometimes make snow when he is happy.


The End

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