All I could see as I pulled on the rope as hard as i could was Maddie's head occasionally popping up over the edge of the air vent behind the grate. My arms were slowly tiring as  I heaved for the last time and Maddie appeared in the entrance of the 'tunnel'. She chucked me the rest of the rope and I quickly shoved it into my bag.

We crawled along the vent which was only just big enough for me to fit in on my hands and knees and eventually we came to a 'crossroad' where there was a corner on one side and another grate directly in front of us.

"So, what do we do now?" I questioned.

"Umm... Well, what can you see behind the grate? Is it another room?"

I peered out of the grate and took in what I saw. There was a big double bed and a window very similar to the one in our room, but this room was much more elaborately decorated, it had very expensive looking things everywhere; and when I say 'things' I mean it, there was collectable chairs, models of animals, animal heads, gold jewellry on a very old dresser and lots more 'stuff'.

"Well, it looks like it could be your parents room or my parents room,"I replied to her question, "There's a lot of very expensive looking things a double bed and...

Before I had time to finish my explanation Maddie butted in, "Lets carry on!" She looked so horrified at the distance we were to the adults I turned as quickly as i could and sped off down the next vent; as much for my sake as hers!


The End

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