At last


My hand nearly slipped as I grabbed hold of the grate covering the air vent but I managed to get my balance just in time. This was going to be hard but after Maddie's encouraging words I as sure that we could do this. There was just one thing I was unsure about; Maddie had never explained how we were going to get back to 2300...


I had nearly toppled when Will had slipped but we both managed to survive the first part of our 'escape plan'. Hmm... Its so weird that what seems like yesterday (it kind-of is as its the first day i've been 'alive') I was 3000 years back in time and had never met Will or seen this weird island planet thing!

I carefully pushed Will up and as he swung open the grate and clambered in I  grabbed my bag from the floor.

"Hey Maddie, Here's the rope!" I jumped as the long rope we'd found in the changing rooms fell onto my back, "Come on!"

"You ready?" I tugged on the rope and as his reply came I tightly grabbed the rope and jumped.

The End

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