"Arghhhh!" I jumped as Maddie lent over my shoulders and clamped the book shut, I'd hardly even started! "What was that for? I thought you were still packing your bag!"

"Excuse me if you didn't notice but thats my diary!" Wow, she has a temper, "And, guess what? I've finished! Dur!" Hmm... Maybe I'll think twice before touching her stuff!

"Sorry if I didn't notice, but it was just lying on the floor, and anyway I didn't see anything!" I replied, trying to keep some pride, but I really didn't want this argument to go on, I have a feeling she might win.

"Umm.. Yeah right!" She suddenly burst out laughing, "Ha, look at us, were already bickering and we only met, what, two hours ago!" I joined in her laughter, looking back at it we were arguing like an old couple!

"Right, O.k, time to go, we've got everything?" We decided to get on with the escape plan.

"I've got everything, so lets get going!" 

Stuffing the small book into her bag Maddie signaled me to climb up onto her shoulders; it was going to be the other way around, me being taller than her, but because of this damn leg it had to be like this. I picked up my back-pack and swinging it over my left shoulder I climbed up onto her back.

The End

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