"It doesn't matter now! I'm already changed!" I called back.

Damn, how could I be so stupid? I defiantly noticed that Maddie was awake so how, how did I not realize that i should be getting changed in the cubicles? Oh well, thats not our worst problem; its not even close. 

We were both changed now and ready to go; we had found a little back-pack each and stuffed them with anything that might be useful. Maddie found the part of 'only pack what you need' very hard as, being a fourteen year old girl, a large essential is looking nice and when we don't have space for a hair-brush, well... So, in my back-pack there was a change of clothes and couple of changes of underwear, a rope, a bottle (empty at the moment as there was no 'drinkable' water in our room'), a pen-knife and some other stuff which, honestly, I can't remember what it is!

I glanced over my shoulder at Maddie packing her 'bare' essentials and she quickly bobbed down behind the bed, I get the feeling her bag contains at least a hair-brush; and probably a lot more things that are not at all needed. But, i wasn't going to tell her, just as long as she doesn't forget the stuff we actually need! As i walked to the window i noticed that Maddie had started writing in a small book which she had left by the windowsill, i went over and picked it up. I flicked through to the first page and sat down to start reading. 


The End

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