I think I've found a way out. A plan. But really I don't know if it will work... I turned around to tell William; My hands automatically flashed to my eyes as I span around and noticed that he was getting changed; he must have forgotten that I was awake to the world!

"Err... Will?" Hmm... Maybe I'll start calling him that, yea, I like that! "I am here! Couldn't you use the changing cubicle?" I laughed.

"Oh my god! Look away!" He sounded so embarrassed. Yep, he hadn't noticed for sure!

" You think I was looking? Urghh, I am not that dirty! Just tell me when your in there please! So I can open my eyes!" My laughing continued, I could see his embarrassment through my hands! At least the laughing was distracting me from our problem, our very big problem. I should get back to the plan, my only problem was Will. Well, not him, he was lovely, if maybe I bit unconfident but his leg. You could easily see the pain it was putting him through however he tried to hide it. 

The End

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