Pathetic me


"I... we didn't close the door..." I replied but before I could finish she flashed past me and, using all her strength (you could tell by her facial expression), slammed the door shut! "What are we going to do? I promise you there's no way out!"

"I don't know! But 'I promise you' we'll find something!" She looked so confident as she nimbly ran from one end of the room to the other searching for some way out. There as no way I couldn't feel pathetic now. All I could do was stand in the middle of the room watching; my leg was still hurting so much. The last time it was treated was when Maddie first came, over a week ago, it was proves that no-one really cares about us. Were only really here as symbols. I'm so glad Maddie is so nice and confident and believes in both of us. There's no-one else here that cares.

"Hey, day-dreamer!" Maddie called me from the window, "You o.k? You look kind-of out of it! Why don't you go and sit down?"

"Umm... I don't know... Are you sure? Do you not need any help?" Ding, Dong! pathetic bell rung! Oh well, I should probably go and get changed; I'm still in my pajamas...

The End

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