" Did you just say last week?" He nodded at my question, " How many times have my parents visited?" I asked curious.

" Urmm..." he glanced at the ground, he looked embarresed, " They haven't, well, err, not since they dropped you off."

" Oh," I said, I was actually quite happy about that," Your leg?"

" Oh, I was trying to, err.." He glanced up at me looking ashamed, " I was, well, urmm, trying to escape, from my parents who were sending me here to marry you and for them to meet your parents and for some reason I let them take me on the time-travel machine and and and..." He blurted most of it out so fast that it took me a few minutes to work out what he had said, but when I did I smiled. The gleam on my face was reflected on his as I looked up. So, this boy who was meant to be, I Grimaced as I thought the word, marrying me, was trying to do the same as me. Escape. We must have been thinking on the same wave-length because as soon as i'd thought 'Escape' we had both ran (well, he sort-of limped) across the room to our beds, where all our stuff was and quickly snapped up a few garments and stuffed them into our bags.

The End

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