Prince William


I paused in my train of thought and froze on the spot. Behind me the wooden floor squeaked. It was the smallest squeak but I'd heard it. The boy. I spun around without thinking.He was staring at me. His plastered leg stuck out at a funny angle as he too stopped. He was halfway across the room.

" Hello, you must be Princess Madeline?" he spoke cautiously, peering curiously at me from his position. Only then did I realize who he was. His english accent sounded funny compared to all my friends and family, it wasn't as posh as I'd expected but it did sound quite weird.

" err.. yes," I replied, "What happened to you?" I blurted out pointing at his leg.

" I was going to ask you the same question," He said more confidently this time, " You've been in a coma since you came last week! Well..."

The End

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