A new world


There was a bright light. My eyes fluttered open. Everything was blurry and unclear. All I could remember was hot, burning pain. I looked around. In the bed next to mine there was a young boy, about the same age as me, he looked confused and scared in his sleep and his left leg was wrapped in a hard white material and sticking up at an angle in the air as if held up by an invisible force.

My sight became clearer and I saw there was nothing else in this room except from the two large expensive beds and at the far side of the room the wall was completely covered with a massive window, hanging above both sides of the window were two long royal blue curtains. I took one careful step out of the bed. My memory flooded back to me like a tsunami. OMG, I must be in 2600.

I scurried over to the giant window, I was gobsmacked as I saw the view. On the horizon, past the many houses and streets under this tall flat, there was nothing but stars, stars and the earth. The earth from the sky. We must be on a planet. But I'm almost sure that there is gravity outside. I gasped. The boy murmured in his sleep and rolled over. We must be on a floating planet, in the earths atmosphere. Wow! 

The End

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