Help me!


I felt like I was being pulled into a white hot fire...and I was being pulled in by my parents. The fire was burning hotter and hotter... and all of a sudden I was in the fire. Something roared in the background, it sounded like an engine, I lurched and I was in the centre of the fire. My face felt like it was cracking up and my body felt like a crisp in the sahara desert, burning up rapidly. Something hot was shouting in my face, it was helping the fire burn. I screamed at it, willing it to put out the fire. My cracking up face was becoming heavy, I wanted it to hang forward but there was some force holding it up, keeping my back completely straight. I could feel my mind drifting away...It was drifting out far into the ocean, but the ocean was a burning sea of flames, ...further...and further away it went. Then it went out of sight and I went blank. There was nothing but darkness, soft calming darkness and darkness.

The End

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