Calm down


Something tugged down on my arm and I automatically sat down. The seat was comfy and soft so I snuggled into it not knowing what to expect. I looked around the room; on either side of me sat my mother and father and opposite us was a large control panel. There were so many buttons it looked impossible to use, but sure enough the receptionist sat at a big black office chair, not dissimilar to the one in my bedroom, pressing many different buttons at what looked like the same time.

I was mesmerized for a second by her speedy hand movements. Oh god, what have i been thinking? I am on the machine. The one that is going to take me to the future. Oh. My. Gigabytes. Only then did I notice my mothers firm grip on my leg; I couldn't move a muscle. I was starting to hyperventilate. Calm down Maddie, calm down. I tried to slow my breathing down.

The End

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