Mother gone Mad


"No, how dare you! Madeline will get along fine with this suitor, William Windsor, Prince William Charles Philip Windsor of England and no it is not too old fashioned too have a suitor when both girl and suitor are age fourteen!" Her whisper had once again turned to a shout.

Oh my goodness. What is she thinking. A suitor. For me. I missed the rest of the conversation lost in my train of thought. I  really think she has gone mad! What am I going to do. I mean, of course, when I am older I want to get married but as my father said I am only just fourteen, and this William is too... And a Prince, oh yes, only a prince for a princess. And (well, obviously) he was a proper prince, a prince of England! Urghhh, I shuddered at the thought of me standing at the altar, hardly fitting the wedding dress,with a mysterious boy ready to say 'I do'.

Then I remembered what my father had said, "She should be given some choice", Maybe I should just go out there and tell them that my choice was to stay here. Oh yea, I had already tried that. It only resulted in one of mothers evil glares and probably a good telling off when we arrive at our 'destination'. I decided that I must stay here, in these changing rooms. However naive it sounds I think it is the only choice; I went to go and sit on one of the benches at the back of the changing-room...

The End

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