“OK then darling, I think you should put your dress on now,” My mother pointed to another door next to the ‘private’ one which seem to have a changing room in it. Without bothering to give my mother a pained look, I moodily took the Harrods bag off my father and went to get changed. I held my breath as I went in, the disgusting sickly smell was still there but it was worse in the changing rooms where they seemed to have decided that it needed to be more sickly!

Urghh, I grimaced as I sipped the pink dress out of the bag, it looked like the sort-of thing a Disney princess (you know those really pink princesses from those old 21st century films) would wear... My mother still had the tiara, I’m glad, it’s just as bad as the dress and; oh no, those shoes, they are horrible! Bright pink stilettos about one foot high, hoe small does she think I am? I am so going to hit my head on that doorframe! Oh and incrusted diamonds, real diamonds, these must have cost at least £1000! I sighed, I specifically told her that I didn’t want her to spend much. One minute, I could hear loud talking.

The End

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