Soon my parents and the receptionist, who was taking us to whatever this thing we were going to the future in was, stopped in front of a big door with the words ‘Private. Do not enter without permission’ on a golden plaque and as the receptionist waved her finger in front of a scanner the door slowly started opening. I'd been asking for a scanner on my door for years; all the other doors in the house had them, I think my Mother was scared that i'd put a lock on it so only my finger print could open it (actually, I probably would, but...).

I looked up at my mother who had somehow acquired what looked like a real gold tiara and a little silver tiara with pink jewels, I eyed them curiously noticing that in my dad’s hand there was another gold crown and in his other hand a giant bag that said, ‘Harrods 400 years’. Oh no, that must be my ‘pink princess dress’, oh, and my tiara, with the pink jewels, oh dear...

The End

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