Urghhh, I shuddered at the memory; well were here now, at ‘Fast Forward INC’ ready to see our last glimpse at the 23rd century and go and live in the future forever. I was 14 and I was moving to the future forever- I bit my lip trying not to cry or scream and run out of this sickly place and just run and run and run. I couldn’t hold it back any longer, I was sure my bottom lip was going to fall off!

“AHH, no, no, no!” I shouted, “I don’t want to, why can’t we just stay here, we have a mansion of a house, good school, good friends,” I knew I looked ridiculous but I didn’t care anymore, “Can’t we ever do anything I want to do, I DON’T WANT TO BE A PRINCESS!”

I paused and looked up at my mother her glare could have killed.

“Madeline Stone, calm down at once!” She said sternly, then softly she added, “You don’t want to ruin mummy’s and Daddy’s big chance, do you?”

I continued to stare at the floor, big watery tears running down my pink cheeks, she really didn’t care about me, did she? It was all her big chance, her house, her island; I think she only stayed with me and dad to look good! I stuffed my hands in my jeans pockets and walked after my parents, the chauffer could pick up my suitcase.

The End

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