The news 2

Maddie (past)

“So Maddie darling, the news,” My Mother continued, “Your father and I have been given an offer of a lifetime; and, of course, we agreed to it immediately because I knew that you would agree,”  I shivered at her sickly smile.

“Right, O.K, so, what is it?” I grumbled.

“Well...”My mother carried on, the conversation lasted for hours and hours afterwards. My mother mostly spoke as I sat crunched in a ball on the biggest armchair; it was made hundreds of years ago in the 21st century and cost a fortune. My father sat next to my mother, nervously fidgeting with a fluffy cushion. So, we were moving to an island in the future, for my mother and father to become king and queen and me to become princess, for a holiday company, a holiday company for god’s sake! 

A pink princess, a pink princess with a pink welcoming dress, a pink suitcase and a lovely pink limo, excellent. And they were all already bought, ‘well of course I’d like them’. Oh yeah and they wouldn’t tell me where it was, how on earth we were getting there or even what holiday company it was!

The End

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