The News

Maddie (past)

My best friend Izzi had just left after coming around for dinner; we’d spent hours sprawled across my double bed flicking through the last month’s worth of magazines, doing every quiz we came too.

“Bye,” I’d called to her from the front door of my house (well, more of a mansion really), “See you tomorrow at school!” I waved as she turned a corner in the driveway and went out of sight. Pulling the door closed, I skipped down the hallway towards the cellar door, our ‘mini-cinema’ was down there and I'd just bought a really good film, which I wanted to watch.

“Maddie darling, come to the lounge dear, we have some marvellous news to tell you!” I heard my mother calling from the lounge, it didn’t sound ‘marvellous’ to me, she only ever used my preferred name ‘Maddie’ if she had to tell me something she knew I wouldn’t like. I sighed, turned and trudged towards the front of the house where my Mother and dad were waiting for me in the lounge.

“Maddie, come on then sit down,” My father was nervous, I could tell he wasn’t sure about this either but he wouldn’t be any help getting me out of whatever this was; if my mother told him to paraglide off Mount Everest without a paraglide, he probably would! I stood in the doorway waiting.

The End

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