Sickly Sweet


I shuddered as I noticed that the smiles on my parent’s faces matched my surroundings too well. Everything I could see was just too sweet and in perfect condition, well that was apart from me, I stood there glaring around me like was about to kill the first person to come in to my sight and wearing my casual sweatpants and old short-sleeve top I certainly didn’t match the rest of the room, in fact I stuck out like a sore thumb!

“Come on Madeline,” My mother said, “Don’t you think it’s lovely here?”

I nodded trying to hold back the urge to grimace at her, I resorted to smiling sarcastically; I would get her back for this when the receptionist wasn’t watching. My fists clenched in my pockets.         

“Now, now Maddie,” My father tried to comfort me, he could obviously see the tension in my body, “Calm down, there’s nothing to be worried about, you’re going to be a princess,” He said pushing my long, wavy dark brown hair off my face. I glared at the floor. Oh yeah, that was the one of the only things my parent’s had told me before we got here, I was going to be a princess, yippee (not). I can remember that conversation; it was possibly the worst of my life...

The End

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