Pink Princess!


I sighed as I slowly turned and stepped out of the bright pink limo, my mother’s choice. As always as I arrived anywhere with my parents I could feel the eyes glaring into my back, I hated it, why couldn’t we just have a normal car? I kept my head down as I collected my pink suitcase, yes, also my mum’s choice, from our chauffer.

I risked a quick glance up and was not too surprised to find a bright blue neon sign above my head, ‘Fast Forward INC` it said, ‘your trip, your choice, your holiday of a lifetime!’ Urgghhh, how cheesy! No wonder my parents wouldn’t tell me exactly where we were going, they knew it would just give me more reasons to refuse to go on this ‘holiday of a lifetime’ more like ‘let’s live in hell for two weeks’! I sighed again and pushing open the glass doors I went into the building. The sweet, sickly smell overwhelmed me.

The End

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