Pink High Heels Chapter 3

A six foot tall man with jet black hair and emerald green eyes opened the gates for us.Mum drove in to the drive and parked the car.I instantly jumped out of the car the minute Mum turned off the ignition and ran into Dad's arms.

"Oh honey,I haven't seen you in ages,"he said and hugged me tightly.Tears fell down my cheeks.I was truly happy.Here I was,with my father,who I hadn't seen for five years.

A few minutes later I finished embracing with Dad and turned around only to be faced by a woman that wasn't Mum.She was strikingly tall and beautiful;matching emerald eyes and auburn hair layered down past her shoulders.She was tottering around on high heels and had a beeming smile on her face.

"Hi Sadie!My name is Rebecca."

Mum,who was right behind Rebecca,gave a snort.She was obviously not pleased with her.

"Hi Rebecca,"I said and I shook her hand.She was more beautiful than I imagined.

"Would you like to have dinner with us Kathy?"Dad asked Mum.

"Oh no,Colin,I best be heading towards home.Sadie,take out your suitcase and unpack it.I need to start heading home before it gets dark."


The house was huge.It was practically a mansion of some sort.Inside it was even bigger.A glittering chandelier hung over my head when I entered the hall.It was the type that you'd find in ballroom.I even pretended to start doing ballroom.

One two three,back two three,one two three....

"A ballroom dancer,are you?"I spun around.Dad looked at me,grinning broadly."I missed you so much."

"Me too,"I said.

Rebecca entered the house."Will I show you your room,Sadie?"She was polite.

"Ok,"I said and followed her up the stairs.

"So how old are you Sadie?"


"Are you in 1st year,"

"I've just finished it."

"What are your favourite subjects?"


"That was my favourite too!"Rebecca exclaimed."I'm a journalist and author,you see."

"Really?"I was shocked.She seemed far too glamorous to be a journalist or author.

"Yes,I am.I used to live in London and work in Vogue.I still work there,but instead of travelling over there all the time,I work from home and send them my articles."

"Cool.What books have you written?"I asked.

"Oh,I'm a romance novelist.I'm sure you're not interested.

"I want to be a writer when I grow up,"I told her.

"I wish you luck,"Rebecca said.

We entered my room for the next three months.It was cerise pink,with matching carpet and curtains.The bed was a four poster and covered in tons of fluffy pillows and stuffed animals.I even had my own television and en suite.

"Your dad put a lot of effort into this room for you,"Rebecca told me.I was surprised,but happy.I put my suitcase on my bed and started to unzip it.

"I'll leave you to unpack,"Rebecca said,and she closed the door behind her.


I finished unpacking and I looked out the window.The house was five minutes outside of the nearby village.I saw a boy in the far distance on a bicycle.He was cycling on the road but now he was looking at me.Curious.Wondering who I was.

I was too about him.

The End

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