Pink High Heels Chapter 2


I lay awake that night before I was to be driven up the country by my mother from Limerick to a small village in Leitrim.I thought of how Dad looked the last time I saw him.It was just after the divorce was finalised,and Dad was upset that Mum had gotten custody of me.Dad was quite handsome.In fact,the last time I saw him,he was only thirty-two.Which meant now he was thirty-seven.Quite young compared to other dads.Siobhan's dad was nearly forty-five.Dad had dark,dark hair,almost jet black.He has green emerald eyes that sparkled when he laughed,but didn't when he was sad.He was a tall man,at least six foot,and always dressed in designer business suits.He spent the majority of his time working in London.He was rich,and before the divorce,we lived in an upper-middle class lifestyles.

I remembered Dad hugged me before driving off,his stuff packed in his car,ready to be taken to his house up in Leitrim.His eyes didn't sparkle that day.

Since then,we hadn't actually met each other in the flesh.We spoke to each other on the phone,sent each other gifts and Christmas cards.My dad wasn't a bad father,he loved me very much.The reason why he didn't see me for ages was because of his job and busy lifestyle,and also because Mum didn't really want me to become involved with him.She never really said that,but you could tell that the love between Dad and Mum was gone by the way she spoke about him and Rebecca.

I had never met Rebecca,Dad's girlfriend.I imagined what she looked like.I say she's pretty,I thought to myself as I tried to settle down and get some sleep.

The drive to Leitrim was quite long,taking three hours.In the end we reached a huge entrance.I could see two people in the far distance,walking towards us to open the gates for us.

I took a deep breath and prepared to see my Dad for the first time in five years and his girlfriend for the very first time.

The End

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