Pink High Heels

A story I am writing after being fascinated by bright pink high heels in River Island when shopping there one day.

"Should I,or should I not?"I asked myself for the billionth time.

"Just do it,"Siobhan spat out,obviously annoyed by my dithering over a pair of high heels in River Island.

"But Mum and Dad will freak,"I said.I examined the heels.They were a bright,shocking pink,a colour that caught my attention the minute I entered the shop.

I had tried them on countless times and absolutely loved the way they made me look.I had always been a plain girl,average height for my age with chestnut brown hair down to my shoulders and layered,with red glasses in front of my brown eyes.But when those heels were on me,I was a new and different Sadie.Confident,glamorous,sexy Sadie.They made me look like the most stylish and new supermodel of the moment.Chic.Cool.Vibrant.

But I knew that my parents wouldn't be too thrilled to discover that I had bought high heels.Well,not Dad so much.He lived in Leitrim with his girlfriend.It would be Mum that would freak.

Mum was over-protective when it came to raising me.I was not allowed to wear make-up,not even a bit of lip gloss or mascara even though I was thirteen.She monitered what I watch(I wasn't allowed to watch Desperate Housewives,unlike my other friends)and even what I listened to(she wasn't very fond of Lady GaGa or Katy Perry).Instead of the Meg Cabot books that my friends read,I read classic children's novels.One time I had sneaked The Princess Diaries into the house but it was found before I could finish it.

She also made me dress sensibly.Cardigans with dresses and sandals with white socks.Churchwear,I would describe it.So she would not appreciate the high heels very much.

I was even surprised that she let me go shopping in the Crescent Shopping Centre with my best friend Siobhan,who Mum wasn't very fond of.Siobhan was a bit rebellious.She had choppily layered blonde hair with a fringe and was prettier than me,in a indie rock chick sort of way.Mum just let me off with a tenner to shop with her.

"Come on Sadie,we can't spend all day mulling over shoes."Siobhan grew more impatient by the minute.

I looked at the price of the shoes and was shocked that it was 40 euros.

"Lets go,"I sighed and we left River Island and the first pair of shoes I fell in love with.


"Did you enjoy shopping today?"Mum asked as we ate dinner.It was chicked casserole,my least favourite dish.

"Oh yes,"I replied.

"What did you buy?"Mum looked at me curiously,waiting to be told the answer.

"Oh,a nice t-shirt with floral designs on them,"I lied.

I had actually spent my tenner on teen magazines and some Diet Coke.Fizzy drinks was banned in our house.Same as teen magazines.

Usually Mum would ask to see what I bought,but thankfully not tonight.Instead she said,"I have some news for you."Whatever it was,she wasn't too pleased about it.

"What is it,Mum?"I asked.

"Your father wants you to spend the summer with him in Leitrim,"she sniffed."And that woman."

That woman as described by Mum was Rebecca,Dad's partner.The last time I had seen Dad and Rebecca,I was eight.For some reason,he never kept in touch.Of course,he had a very stressful business job but I felt that he could have spent more time with me.

I was thrilled that I was going to be spending three whole months with Dad.I really wanted to see him again and this showed that he really cared about me if he was going to put up with me for three months.

So it was decided.In a week,I would go up to the small village where Dad resided in Co.Leitrim.

I could not wait.



The End

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