Pill Country (Sample)Mature

Meth addicts spend their day torturing a mentally slow man, a prostitute about to be evicted commits unspeakable acts, a religious fanatic prepares for the rapture, an old war
veterab hides a grotesque secret in his basement , a couple of drug addicts get caught up in a violent murder and a meth fueled paranoia that leads to desperate acts. These are just some of what happens in this rural county in North Carolina.

Take a journey through the backwoods, the trailer parks, the countryside an


Tommy was slow.
He had the IQ of a child, and a not very bright one at that. He was a sweaty, fat body with large black rimmed glasses that always slid down his zit covered, greasy nose. His typical wardrobe consisted of food stained shirts and shorts with holes in them. He stunk something foul, like rotting cabbage. People would often cross the street just to avoid the stink. He was an unpleasant man who would laugh obnoxiously, throwing back his toothless head and howl to the sky.
Everyone in town called him Beater. He earned the nickname due to his inability to keep his dick in his pants. Regardless of where he was he would just whip it out and go to town. His mother had told him once that he would one of these days pull that puny pecker clean off if he didn't stop tugging at it like it was a rope pulling a broken down Chevy from a mud hole. He tried to stop but the man had a ferocious sexual appetite. His dick was always red with scabs from over use. But masturbation was even better when he did it while looking at a beautiful woman. He especially liked looking into sixteen year old Rebecca Long’s window at night. He would watch her undress, slipping her tight little body out of her clothes. He would stroke himself staring at her large, perky breasts. He would blow his load on her house vinyl siding when she would bend over, throwing that tight little ass in the air.
Besides being a peeping Tom on underage girls, Tommy was relatively harmless. The big oaf would go to church with his mother, spend hours at the Lenoir Comics store, and hang around with his two loser friends, Ricky and George.
Ricky and George were tweakers. When they couldn’t get their hands on meth they would resort to huffing whatever chemical they could find laying around. The two were the same age as Tommy, mid twenties, but had no ambitions of ever leaving the comforts of their parents home. They were well known to law enforcement for their drug use, they often had to dodge the law because there was no knowing if they currently had warrants out for their arrest or not.
The two men were as cruel as they were hopeless. They hung around poor Tommy because they amused themselves with his retard antics. They would simply tell Tommy to do something and he would trot off and do it. They had made him defecate on playgrounds, show his penis to school kids, perform fellatio on a horse, and they even got great joy from commanding the slow man to engage in sex with rotting road kill. There was no limit to the depravity.
Ricky and George spent a many great hours getting high on meth and thinking up of new and cruel things to make Tommy do. That day they already convinced him to eat a dog turd, masturbate completely naked in front of the nursing home window during dayroom time, and jam a pool stick up his ass. The stick had stirred his bowels around because when he took it out he shit all over the place. It was a foul stinking shit and Ricky commenced to barfing on the pool table. It is no shocker that they were kicked out of Ted’s Billiards.
Now it was two in the morning and there was nothing to do. The tweakers were still living high off their seemingly endless supply of meth and Tommy walked funny because the pool stick scratched him up something wicked. They decided that there was nothing else to do but go to their usual hangout, Carl’s Twenty Four Hour Diner.
The place was empty and stunk of old hamburger grease and waffles. At this time only Jerry the cook and Kaitlin the waitress were working. The three men took a seat at a booth, Ricky and George on one side and Tommy by himself on the other due to his enormous size, and before they could think Kaitlin was reluctantly at their table.
“Listen, if he pulls his pecker out-“
“He aint gonna do nothin’ tonight, we promise.” Ricky said and looked to Tommy. “Right Beater?”
“I aint gonna pull my dong out, I promise.” Tommy responded slowly as if his slow brain was trying to compute every word.
“Good, I’d hate to call the law on the poor retard.” Kaitlin was a beautiful woman in her mid forties. She was known around Lenoir as a cradle chaser. She was a cougar who hunted down the young boys in town. She was known to be kinky and loved mother/son incestuous role play. She was a fit woman with a thick ass and large tits to match. Her red hair hung down her back and her face barely had a wrinkle. She had aged very well.
Today Tommy found himself staring at her tits. The large cleavage in the shirt called out to him. They begged Tommy to fondle them, to lick them. He felt his dick getting hard and tried with all his willpower to fight to urge to pull his pecker out and start beating off. He thought about what Ricky said and didn't want to let his friends down.
George watched the imbecile drooling over Kaitlin's titties. He looked at the pervert and smiled.
“Kaitlin, I do believe I would like a coffee.” George said as he turned toward her. She smirked and wrote it in her pad.
“The last thing a tweaker needs is a cup of coffee.”
“I’ll just have a Coke.” Ricky chimed in. Tommy was lost in the cleavage still, hypnotized by the large tits shrink wrapped in that red little shirt. He tried to imagine what her nipples looked like and decided that they were large, pink and delicious. “Beater, what the fuck, are you gonna order today or not?”
Tommy snapped out of it, pulling himself from the breast tractor beam, and looked up at Kaitlin. She looked at him disgustingly, bugging her eyes out at him.
“Well retard, I ain’t got all day.”
“I’ll have a chocolate milk please.” He spoke in that sullen, slow tone. She turned and as she trotted off behind the counter Tommy watched her thick ass cheeks bounce. If he was a cartoon character his eyes would jump in rhythm with those cheeks.
“Hey Ricky.” George smirked, slapping his friend on the arm. “Beater wants to fuck Kaitlin.”
“Oh, do you now?” He asked, turning his full attention to Tommy. Tommy turned three colors of red and nearly pissed his pants with embarrassment. “Tell me, do you think you can handle her?”
“I think so.” Tommy responded confidently. George turned to Ricky and whispered in his ear. Ricky smiled and nodded. “Let’s see if you got it in you.”

Outside the three waited behind the diner in the woods. They watched the back door like a hawk. They had been there for nearly and hour now. Ricky and George smoked meth while Tommy stupidly fantasized about Kaitlin.
“Where the fuck is she?” Ricky finally complained. He dropped down onto a stump and stretched out his arms and yawned. “I thought you said she would be taking the trash out any minute.”
“I come here almost every night and watch everything. She is running a little late tonight but-“ and like magic the back door swung open. Kaitlin walked outside with a big black bag of trash. She propped the door open with a baked beans can. She reached into her pants pocket and pulled out a pack of cigarettes. She popped on between her red lips and lit it.
“There she is Tommy, are you ready for this?” Ricky whispered. Tommy, with his tongue hanging out of his mouth, nodded.
Ricky stood up, brushed the dried leaves and dirt off his ass, and the three walked slowly through the shadows toward the dumpster. They watched as Kaitlin took the  trash bag and swung it into the dumpster. She then turned back toward the diner and leaned her back against it. She drew in the smoke from her cigarette and exhaled a large cloud. George and Ricky got into position and like a lion hunting its prey, they pounced.
They reached out, grabbing Kaitlin by her arms and pulled her into the shadows of the woods. She kicked and hollered to be let go, slamming her foot into Ricky’s shin, but this didn't slow them down. Tommy watched as the two men slammed her to the ground. George put a boot to her face, busting open her nose. This seemed to put her in a daze, rendering her helpless to the men.
Ricky reached down his grubby fingers and tore open Kaitlin’s shirt. He pulled out a knife and cut off her bra. He leaned down and placed a hot dry mouth on her tit and sucked on it hard. George tugged at her belt and quickly got her pants down to her ankles. He struggled for a second but finally got them off. He pulled off her thong underwear and smiled.
“The curtains match the drapes.” He then took two of his fingers and jammed one into her pussy and the other into her asshole. He quickly pulled them out and sniffed them. He turned to Tommy with a shit eating grin. “Oh, this bitch is ready. Are you gonna take her Beater?”
Tommy nervously unbuttoned his shorts and dropped them to the ground. He pulled off his underwear and slowly walked toward the bloody, defenseless woman. He dropped to his knees and spread open her legs. He looked at her pussy, drooling with anticipation.
“Go get it big boy, its all hot and ready for a good dicking.”
Tommy drew himself closer, climbing between her thighs and positioning himself.
“Wait.” Ricky whispered. George looked at his friend confused, puzzled as to what could be so important that they had to stop what they were doing. Then Ricky spit on his hand and reached down and stroked Tommy’s dick.
“What the fuck are you doing dude?” George asked in horror as to the revolting display of homosexuality he was witnessing. Ricky looked up at George.
“I am lubing his dick because he aint gonna fuck that pussy, are you Beater?”
Tommy, with a looked dumber than what was typical of him, nodded in agreement, not sure what he was nodding to.
“Beater, this snatch has been all around town. Bitch probably got herpes or something. So instead of fucking her pussy.” Ricky stopped stroking Tommy’s dick and leaned back and hawked a wad of spit. It was a direct hit, landing right on her asshole. “You are gonna take that rosebud.”
“Yeah Beater, fuck her in the ass good.” George said in agreement.
Tommy reached down and grabbed his throbbing erection and positioned it lower, until it was in line with her asshole. He pulled himself closer, took a deep breath, and with all his might jammed it in.
Kaitlin hollered out in agony as Tommy’s cock tore through her intestine. Tommy pumped and pumped, viciously thrusting his member into her ass deep. A thick, slimy strand of drool dropped from his open mouth and fell on her tits. Tommy leaned over the woman who was crying and licked her face.
Kaitlin began screaming. George looked at Ricky as to what to do. He knew that Jerry could possibly hear Kaitlin’s screams and come running out the back door with a meat cleaver at any possible moment.
“Yo, we got to shut this bitch up.” George said in a panic.
“Hit her Beater.” Ricky said.
Tommy balled up a meaty fist and smashed it against her temple. Her head turned sideways but rather then quiet her it made her more frantic. Tommy continued to pound away at her asshole. He dropped down and began sucking on her tits.
“Beater shut that fucking bitch up.” Ricky said a little louder. Tommy slammed her in the face twice, knocking out her front teeth. Blood gushed from her mouth and the will to fight for survival kicked in and she reached up at the fat bastard and ran her nails down his face, ripping fresh red gashes.
Tommy hollered out in pain and slammed her in the face again, but this time she reached up and jammed a finger in his eye. As she pushed it deep inside Tommy frantically reached around him for something, anything to shut this woman up.
George thought about running. This had gone to far. Ricky was nervously looking to the diner door, waiting for the moment that Jerry would come diving through that door to the rescue. He thought about the cops, wondering if one would happen to pull in for a late night snack and hear her screams. The last thing Ricky wanted was to go to jail tonight.
“Beater, shut that bitch up or I will fuck you up.” Ricky yelled.
Tommy, hearing this, grew irate. He didn't want to disappoint his friends. All he ever wanted to do was please Ricky and George. He clawed at the dirt until his hand rested on something hard and smooth. He wrapped his fingers around the large rock and raised it in the air.
George stared at the rock knowing full well now that this was beyond the point of simply walking away from. A fun night in the old town of Lenoir had turned into a violent felony, and he knew that there was only one way to walk away from this. At this point it was all or nothing.
Tommy looked at the bleeding, screaming woman and at George. He saw the concern in George’s face. He then turned to Ricky who was smiling with anticipation. He gave Tommy that look he always gave him when Tommy succeeded at doing something he was told to do. It was that look Tommy strived for, that look he would do anything for. He knew there was no backing down at this point. He turned back to Kaitlin and down came the rock with all Tommy’s retard strength.
It thumped as it smashed her eye socket, shattering the small bones. The rock raised and came down again. It destroyed her nose. The screaming stopped as the dazed woman choked on blood.
“Alright Beater, that’s enough.” George said. Tommy turned to Ricky.
“No Beater, you know what has to be done.” Tommy didn’t hesitate. He brought the rock down one more time, this time with all his strength. The sound was loud like a thousand sticks breaking at once. The whole side of Kaitlin’s face caved in. Bits of brain matter had squished from between the cracks in her skull. Then she went limp and all was silent.
George was horrified. He looked at Tommy. Tommy sighed as he took in what he had done. He computed the magnitude of what happened. He had begun raping this girl but now it had escalated beyond assault to murder. She was dead, and although his brain was a puny excuse for one, even he understood what had just taken place. He had killed another living, breathing human being. Nothing could take this back. This wasn’t like the countless other laws he had broken when in company of his friends, this was the big one. He suddenly wondered if Jesus could forgive him.
Tommy then looked up at Ricky and saw that look. That look he craved, that look he lived for each time he opened his eyes in the morning. It was that look that made him feel like he wasn’t the stupid dip shit his mother always said he was, the look that said he was capable of great things and most importantly acceptance.
“Finish what you started big boy.”
“Ricky, come on let’s just go.”
“No, he started something, now he must finish. Go head Beater, spray your load in her.”
Tommy saw Ricky’s mouth turn into a smile as he nodded him on. Tommy turned to the woman. Her face was caved in, looking like hamburger meat. Blood pooled all over the dirt all around him. He ran his hand over her still warm tit and leaned down, sucking on her big pink nipple. He bit down, hard, drawing blood. He continued to bite until the nipple had been chewed off her tit. Tommy tongued the nipple in his mouth for a second and then swallowed it. He smiled.
“I’ll make you proud Ricky.” Tommy said has he violently thrust his hard penis into her asshole. He continued as Ricky cheered him on. George sunk into the shadows wishing there was someway he could disappear.
“You’re the man Beater, fuck that bitch. Give her the dick good.”
And Tommy did. He continued until his cock exploded cum into her rectum. He moaned in pleasure and then dropped all his weight onto the woman’s corpse. He smiled, not only because he got his friends acceptance, but because this was the first real woman he ever had sex with. So what if she was dead, a piece of ass is a piece of ass and he finally was no longer a virgin.

The hotel room was typical of every roach infested rat hole that existed in the Foothills. You want a real hotel you had to go to Boone, and sure Lori would once in a while get up that way to peddle her ass to the Appalachian State college boys, but getting a ride up the mountain was always a task. Not to mention those college boys always wanted to double up for free or do anal. She didnt mind doing these things but typically she charged more. No, she was better off in good old Lenoir riding the high hard ones of the locals in these seedy hotels.
Tonight was a tubby old redneck. He climbed on top of her thin, bruised body, resting his fat stomach on hers. The sweaty old man’s tits were almost bigger then her own and the hairy bastard had a beard that hung down his stretch mark covered chest. He stunk of sweaty balls and ass and his breath reeked of Copenhagen and moonshine. The wild eyed bastard gave it all he got in three strong pumps and then exploded into her rotting box. He was such a repulsive man he farted while he was still balls deep.
Now the old scuzz bucket was in the shower washing the smell of pussy off his tiny pecker so the misses wont find out he had been pick up whores. Lori reached for a napkin, sopped up the cum that dripped out of her pussy, and reached into her purse. She removed a rose stem glass pipe packed with a piece of burnt stainless steel scrubbing pad. She pulled out a small baggie and dumped a small white rock onto the mattress. She looked around and then quickly reached into the side table drawer and retrieved a bible. She placed the bible between her legs and rested the crack rock on top of it. Fishing out a razor blade she cut off a peice of the rock and then placed the rest back into the bag.
Lori paused and listened. She heard the shower still going as the old man whistled some country song she heard a million times but couldn't quite name it. She packed the rock into her pipe and then retrieved her trusty torch lighter. She heated up the rock until it melted into the steel scrubbing pad that she used as a screen. It was ready. She placed her cocksucker on the pipe and put the flame to the screen. She slowly inhaled the crack smoke into her lungs, dropping the pipe down and putting the flame into the pipe and then quickly pulling it away, just long enough to heat up the screen but not burn it. She continued to suck. She pulled the pipe from her lips and held her breath as long as she could.
The cocaine instantly began to work, releasing endorphins upon the brain and bringing a sense of joy to Lori’s life, regardless of how short lived that joy was it was still joy. She exhaled slowly as the smoke dissipated into the air in front of her. She laid back and let the drug take effect, tonguing at the burns on her inner lip from the pipe getting too hot.
She thought of a world that simply didn’t exist, a world that couldn’t exist. It was a world in which she was happy, free, in control. In this world people treated her with dignity. She had all the earthly possessions she ever wanted and a caring husband that would help her bring wonderful, joyful kids into existence. The sun always shinned here and smiles were everywhere. It was perfect.
“Well, sweet tits I better get my ass home ‘fore the misses has my balls in a vice. I gotta wake up early anyhow and clean chicken shit. Isn’t that lovely?”
She ignored him. She tried to hold onto the world she envisioned but it was lost forever, disappearing like her crack smoke once it hit the air. She ignored him as he awkwardly opened the door with his liver spot hand and led himself out. She heard his old piece of shit Toyota truck crank up and back up.
The walls were thin here, so thin that she heard the couple next store arguing about something she couldn’t quite make out, nor that she cared to know anyway. The television blared on Fox News as the reporter blabbed on and on about the complications of the war. She didn’t care about the war any more than she cared about the fat sweaty piece of shit that jizzed in her snatch. She cared about two things in life; crack and Travis.
She hadn’t seen the boy in months. The Department of Social Services had been a bitch about setting up visitation between her and his new foster parents in Hickory when she pissed hot for drugs. Still, she would call him and they would talk for a few minutes. He was growing up so fast, sixteen years old now. It was hard to believe she was that young once, giving hand jobs to freshmen for five dollars. There wasn’t much to live for in this world but she wouldn’t kill herself. No sir, she wanted to go to heaven. She believed with all her hard that Jesus will forgive any sin except that one. This is not to say the Devil hadn’t danced in her head once in a while as she held the razor in her wrinkled hands. But she wouldn’t give in.
Lori swallowed her saliva and wet her lips with her sore tongue. She cleared her throat and softly began to sing. “From heaven high I come to you,I bring you tidings good and new; glad tidings of great joy I bring, whereof I now will say and sing. To you this night is born a child”
She always had a beautiful voice. When she was a little girl and so innocent she sang in the church choir. Mom and dad were hard core baptists and had no idea that when Uncle Terrance came to stay with the family when he was released from prison he grew quite the fondness for the little girl. They believed that they were doing the good Christian thing by helping one of Jesus’ flock stay with them until he got on his feet. Besides, he only did a short bid for drug charges. He wasn’t some sick murderer or rapist, now was he. Uncle Terrance with his wonky, wandering left eye and jailhouse tattoos. Uncle Terrance with that scruffy beard and frail, thin physique. Uncle Terrance taking little Lori to the basement to play a game.
This was a game all little girls play with their uncles. The game was real fun, Uncle Terrance promised. First she would have to remove her clothing. Once she was naked she would have to bend over and touch her toes. Next she was to close her eyes and sing in her head. Finally she would feel an intense pain in her rear end-but not to worry because this was something that Jesus wanted to happen. No glory is ever earned without a little pain Uncle Terrance used to say. So little Lori would sing the songs from Sunday school in her head. She would be bent there, holding her feet, closing her eyes just like the rules of the game stated. When she felt the object enter her butt she would shrink her face up in pain. What on was that Uncle Terrance placed in her bottom? She would feel his grimy hand grab onto her side and pull her into the hard object.
Well one day, a year or so later, Uncle Terrance wanted to play the game. This time he brought little Lori a friend. This was a little girl around the same age. She was pretty and blond just like her. Uncle Terrance had played the game with her before she said. She told Lori that she enjoyed the game. Uncle Terrance told Little Lori to get on the ground like a doggy. He then told the new friend to lay on her back. He said this was a new game. He told Lori to walk on all fours, like a doggy, up to the new friend until her face was near her special area. Uncle Terrance loosed the belt on his pants and dropped his trousers to the cement floor.
Little Lori saw his special area. It was much different then that of her own or that of her new friend. It was long like a snake. Uncle Terrance rubbed it and told Lori to kiss her new friend’s special spot. So she did. Then he told her to lick it. So she did. The new friend had played this game before, Lori could tell because she reached up and grabbed Uncle Terrance’s special area and placed it in her mouth.
That was the last time Lori saw her new friend until a week later. She was with mother and father in the living room playing with her dolls. Father enjoyed watching the news, looking for signs that Jesus was coming. The little Lori looked up and a girl’s picture was on the television screen. The man sitting at the desk had said she was found dead in the woods near Hickory. Her head was cut off.
Lori didn’t see much of Uncle Terrance after that. He moved out and seemed to disappear until she was fourteen years old. Now that she was older she knew the truth about the games Uncle Terrance used to play. He stopped by one day to babysit Lori. He pulled out his special area and began stroking it. He asked Lori if she wanted to play a game. It was called “Swallow my cock”.
Lori walked up to Uncle Terrance and smiled. She dropped to her knees and scooped his special area into her mouth. He moaned in pleasure as she ran her tongue all around it, forcing back to her tonsils. Then he screamed in agony as she bit down with all her might.
“Fucking little bitch, you bit my dick!” He slammed a hard fist into her face knocking her onto the floor. He grabbed at his special area whining about how it was bleeding. What did Lori do? She laughed hysterically. “Of you think that’s fucking funny you little cunt?”
Uncle Terrance walked up and kicked her in the ribs. This made Lori laugh harder. He grabbed her by her blond locks and picked her up to her feet. He then rammed a fist in her belly. She hollered madly with laughter. He smiled.
“You’re a crazy bitch.” He tucked his special area back into his pants and zipped them up. He turned to the television and went to sit on the couch. Lori stopped laughing and before Terrance knew it there was a .357 pointed at his head. “Whoa Lori, what the fuck?”
The gun was her father’s. He kept it in the living room in the drawer of a small table. Lori gripped the gun and smiled, sweat pouring down her face. She breathed heavily with a deranged look in her eyes, a look of a girl who has been broken beyond repair and now wants the world to see all her scars. She slowly moved her finger to the trigger well.
“Uncle Terrance I want you to do me a favor.”
“Anything sweetheart.”
“Don’t fucking call me sweetheart!” She hollared, her high pitch voice ripping through his head
“Ok, sorry. What do you want me to do Lori?”
“I want to play a little game.”
“Sure, games…what do I need to do?”
“Stand up and walk to the garage. And Terrance, if you make one move out of the ordinary, well then you already broke the rules of the game and this gun sends a bullet through your goddamn skull.”
“Sure Lori, I’m getting up now.”
Uncle Terrance did exactly what the teenage Lori told him to do. In the garage he stripped off all his clothing, just like she told him to do. He got the small can of break grease form the shelf like she told him to. He reached into the can and grabbed a wad of the grease like she told him to. He, with a puzzled face, spread it on his asshole. Real thick she said, not that he deserved it. Then she told him to turn the metal stool in father’s garage upside down. He did and when she told him to put one of the legs in his ass he stopped.
“Listen Lori, I don’t know what you are thinking but this is-“
“The rules of the game is to stick that chair leg up your ass. Now do it!”
He looked at her for a moment, then at the gun and decided he didn’t have a choice. Uncle Terrance remembered when that big nigger in prison shoved his pecker in his ass. It hurt but he lived. If he didn’t take it one more time, this emotionally psychotic teenager would surely pull the trigger.
Uncle Terrance positioned himself and dropped down onto the chair leg. He felt the cold metal enter his ass as the girl watched with a sick smile. She kept telling him deeper, and he would go deeper. He took much more of that chair leg than any dick he ever took in prison. He was in pain and felt the blood start to run down his legs. He stopped.
“Terrance the game isn’t over yet, go deeper.”
“Lori I can’t fit any more in me.”
“Sure you can.”
So he went deeper and the blood continued to flow. He went deeper and deeper until his ass cheeks touched the metal bar that was used as a foot rest. Once he felt this she was satisfied. She told him to remove the leg and he did. A strong stench of shit and coppery blood filled the room.
Uncle Terrance began to cry. He wiped the sweat from his face, holding his gut in agony. He said he needed to go to a hospital. He thought he ruptured something. She said he was free to go but first she wanted to know one thing.
“Why did you kill that girl?”
Uncle Terrance shook his head. He knew exactly who Lori was talking about and knew there was no use in lying. He cleared his throat, choked back his tears and spoke in a voice, not that of a man, but of a little boy.
“Because I…”
“Go on.”
“I was a little rough with her one night. I had lost control. I had been drinking and didn’t realize how deep I was. She was crying for me to stop but…but I was so close. I lost control and when I was done blood poured from her. I hurt her real bad. She needed a doctor, but I couldn’t just bring her to a doctor. I didn’t want to go back to jail, Lori you don’t know what jail is like. It is hell.”
“I don’t want to hear your fucking excuses. Leave.”
Uncle Terrance left. When mother and father came home she said he was in the garage acting weird and suddenly left. They found the can of grease, the upside down stool with the leg covered in shit and blood and father knew right away what had happened. He always knew his brother was a homosexual and here he was in his own house engaging in such sodomite behavior with his work stool.
Lori never saw Uncle Terrance again. He was banished from the family, labeled a homosexual. From what she gathered by listening to her parents conversation he had admitted to them that he was a homosexual and he was masturbating in the garage when he slipped and it went too deep. He had left to go to the hospital. He would rather live the rest of his life as a sexual deviant then a sexual predator.
As Lori sat there, packing the pipe with another rock, she knew that she had let the fucker off too easy. She should have shot him in the head, told the authorities about the years of abuse and no one would ever charge her with a crime. She could have killed the fucker and got away with it. Then why didn’t she?
She hit the rock, held her breath, blew out the smoke and laid back down. She returned to that world, that beautiful world that could never exist.

Jeremiah was silent during the funeral. He had his hand in his pants pocket, slowly caressing the key. He watched as his parents cried over the casket that held his grandfather. He tried hard to hide his excitement but it was bottled up and ready to explode.
The priest wrapped up his little sermon and everyone went to the casket one last time to see the old man. Jeremiah looked at the wrinkled face of his grandfather. He was a World War veteran, fought the Nazi’s. He had been a police officer for the town of Lenoir up until he developed a mental illness. He became afraid to leave his house. He developed a phobia of the outside world and so he hid from it. He regressed into his own little controlled environment, spending hours and hours in the basement, locked away in that secret room.
Jeremiah was told on many occasions by the old man to stay away from the room. There is nothing in there for him he told the boy and since the boy adored his grandfather he obeyed and promised to never enter it. But that is not to say he didn’t grow an intense obsession about the secret his grandfather had.
Jeremiah spent many hours trying to imagine what was in that room. His head was full of dark magic ritual, secret spy materials or Nazi war trophies. He even suspected that his grandfather kept someone in the room, maybe a captured nazi officer. He heard moans coming from the room and grunts of pain on more than one occasion. His head was full of every possibility.
On one occasion he spied on his grandfather. He scrambled down the old rickety wooden stairs and hid behind some old oil rags and rusty tools. The stench of the basement was overwhelming, a smell of shit and mildew. Trying his hardest not to gag the boy hid himself well in the darkness of the basement. When he heard the old man make his way down the stairs he peeked out from between the trash. The old man stopped at a work table just a few feet from where Jeremiah was hiding. He was messing around with something but Jeremiah couldn’t see from where he was. He saw the old man’s feet shuffling around. Then his feet turned and he walked toward the door of the secret room. Jeremiah patiently waited for him to open it, to see what secrets his grandfather hid. When the door swung open all he saw was darkness. The old man entered the room and slammed the door shut.
Jeremiah listened. He heard things being moved around, the scuffling of feet and then suddenly a loud yell. It was his grandfather yelling in pain. Terrified Jeremiah bolted up the stairs and never again returned to the basement.
When he passed away and the good Lord took him up to heaven Jeremiah snuck into the old man’s room. He knew where his grandfather kept the key, he watched him put it there before. It was in the top drawer in an old tin cigarette case. While the adults were downstairs comforting his grandmother, Jeremiah quickly grabbed a chair from the desk, slid it across the room, climbed up, opened the drawer of the tall dresser and instantly saw the tin. He opened it and like buried pirate treasure it stared at him. The key seemed to glow, begging to be taken. Jeremiah scooped it up, jammed it in his pocked and snuck it home.
For two days he slept with the key, dreaming of what he might find in the room. He knew that after the funeral they would go over to see grandmother and then he would get his chance to finally solve the mystery. He was like a detective in all those stories he read.
After the funeral was over Jeremiah ate some pudding and mopped around, looking for the right opportunity. Grandmother cried and everyone comforted her telling her what a great man he was. Then when no one was looking Jeremiah opened the door, slipped into the basement and pulled the door shut.
That stinking air filled his nostrils and he imagined it doing significant damage to his lungs. He held his breath for a minute but knew damn well he couldn’t hold his breath as long as he needed to. He sucked it up and descended the old stairs.
He stood in front of the door with the key in his hand. It was now or never. He slit it in place and he heard a lock disengage. He turned the handle and slowly pulled on the heavy door. Once inside he reached up blindly, feeling for the string to turn the light on. When he found it he pulled it and the room lit up as the door slammed shut behind him, slamming the boy in the ass and knocking him over.
He was on all fours and looked up. The walls were covered in pornography. All over the place were pictures of sexual acts however they were nothing like the Playboys Timmy snuck out of his old man’s porn stash. These pictures were of women engaging in sex with various animals. In one a woman was sucking on a pig’s dick, on another a horse thrust his massive penis into a woman who was bent over. The woman’s face was full of pleasure. These beastiality pictures covered every inch of wall space. Dogs, cows, goats and other animals giving it to these women, and not all of the women were attractive. Some were really fat, while others were real thin, showing bones and all.
Jeremiah rose from the ground and saw a chair in front of him and a table. As he got closer and got next to the chair he saw that in the center was a hard dildo nailed down. It was ancient and covered in crusty vaseline and shit.
The smell in the basement, it came from this room. It was overwhelming. Jeremiah felt sick and thought he should leave. He knew he could never un see this, it would forever run through his mind and replay like a horror film. He wanted to turn around, run up the stairs and abandon the mission but he knew that he had to satisfy his obsession. He needed to fully investigate the room.
The table was full of various dildos, old reel to reel films and more beastiality pictures. He grabbed one of the reel strips and held it up to the light. This was not the beastiality that filled this room. Yes it was certainly pornography but nothing he even knew existed. In the reel he saw little children performing sex acts on grown men.
This was too much. He was done here. He didn’t want to see anymore. He dropped the film and turned, but as he did something on the table caught his eye. It looked like and old photo album. Everything in him said to leave the photo album right where it was, let the old man bring some secrets to the grave, but as he turned to leave he quickly spun around to the table.
He pushed the dildo chair aside and reached across the table of perversion. He grabbed hold of the photo album and with a moment of hesitation opened it.
It was filled with pictures of Jeremiah. The pictures started off as a baby but as he turned pages he noticed some were more recent, as recent as this year. The photos seemed to be taken in secret, when Jeremiah wasn’t aware, but even more disturbing than that, he was naked in every picture. A thick, gluey substance covered some pages, while others were caked in a thin glaze.
On the verge of vomiting Jeremiah tossed down the photo album and ran for the door. He panicked when the door wouldn’t open. He slammed his fists against the door and cried out for help. He didn’t want to spend another moment in this hell, let alone the rest of his life. He slammed the door until his hands bled and then, all of a sudden, the door few open.
Jeremiah fell forward onto the concrete floor and quickly got to his feet. He scurried up the stairs and back to the normal world. When he entered the living room his father approached him and rubbed his head. He shot a suspicious look at his son.
“Why are you so dirty?”
“I was playing outside.”
“Well this is no time to play, but to mourn. I know how much you loved grandpa, I loved him too.”
Jeremiah was led to the room full of grieving relatives and wondered if they would say such kind words if they knew of the sick room. He wanted to tell his father, tell him that his father was a pervert and a sick man. Tell him that he was not just some harmless old war vet like he appeared to be, but an incarnate of the devil. He figured some secrets were better kept locked up.
The next day Jeremiah road his bike to Millers pond. He crossed the massive wooden bridge that brought people to the small island in the center of the small pond. When he reached the center of the bridge he stopped and got off his bike. He approached the railing and reached into his pocket. There was the key. He, without a moment’s hesitation, gripped at it, pulled it out and tossed it into the water.
As he stood there watching some kids on a playground images of the child pornography flashed in his mind. He had satisfied his curiosity, but at what cost.
“Grandfather, who were you?”

“You are thirteen, why all the makeup?” Chris hollered as his daughter, Diana, headed for the door. She turned to him and gave an innocent smile.
               “I’m going out.”
               “With that boyfriend we still haven’t met?” He laughed as he sipped his beer.
               “Where did you meet him, at school?”
               “Yeah, something like that.” She responded hoping to dodge any more inquiries.
               “Well, be safe. I would like to meet him eventually.” Chris then turned back to his TV show, lost in it like always. He was a working stiff, busted his ass at a warehouse all week. Didn’t he deserve little alone time? He should be the father who tells his daughter that she is far too young to go out dressed up like one of the local whores but he never liked to be hard on her; not since her sister Maggie killed herself three years ago. He was hard on Maggie and now she was gone. He couldn’t lose another daughter due to what most of society deems good parenting.
               “Sure dad. See ya.”
               “You got your phone?” He asked in a desperate attempt to retain some of his fatherly duties.
               “Sure do.”
               “Ok, be home early.”
               “Ok dad.”

               Jake was to meet her in the food court of the mall. This was the place most of the young people went to hang out. It was a social gathering of teens, a place where the young could escape the mundane world of rules and household structure for a little bit. She found it odd that Jake wanted to meet here.
She scanned with butterflies in her stomach. Today would be a special day, today she would go to his house and her plan was to lose her virginity to the one she loved. It would be everything she dreamed of, it would be perfect and beautiful.
She was texting her friend Belinda.
So you really gonna do it today?
You excited?
Nervous, girl you got no reason to be nervous he loves you.
I know. I just don’t want to disappoint.
You won’t.
Ok, ttyl he’s here.
Ok girl; tell me all about it tonight.
“Diana, glad you could make it.”
Jake was not a child like she was, he was almost thirty years old. He was a teacher at her school, her math teacher. The two have been secretly having an affair behind his wife’s back the whole all school year. He promised this little girl everything. He would leave his wife and the two of them could marry when she turned eighteen. Of course a teenage girl is full of thoughts of love so she instantly fell for him. She was a naïve girl in a predators grasp, and the grasp was tightening.
“I wouldn’t miss it for the world baby.” She wanted to kiss him so bad but the rules were not in public. That would get him in a lot of trouble and she didn’t want her future husband hauled off to jail.
“You are so beautiful.” He took in her beauty as she flushed over with red.
“So I am going to see your house today?”  She asked, batting her eyes.
“Yes, but first let’s go shopping.”

He had bought her an iPod. She loved it. He had also bought her a one hundred dollar card to use to put music on it; as he said, no point of having an iPod with no music. After that they ate at the Chinese restaurant in the food court. After lunch they jumped in his Mustang and drove into the nice part of town.
His house was like a mansion to a girl from the trailer park. It sat in a circle surrounded by other houses just as beautiful. As they pulled in to the driveway she felt excited. Once behind closed doors she ran up and kissed her lover. He held her in his arms, something she loved. It made her feel safe.
She followed him around the house as he showed off his living room, kitchen, game room, office and then he smiled at her as they approached one final door.
“And this, my love, is the bedroom.”
As the door opened she felt the butterflies in her stomach multiply. She was smiling but shaking with nervousness. For the first time she had second thoughts about what she was about to do. Her moral compass was all over the place. Was this wrong? Well, was it wrong to want to be loved? She had what every girl her age had, sure he was older but as he put it this is a new time and old rules go out the window. They were doing nothing wrong she convinced herself.
Not now, you can’t turn back now. Just go on.
She entered slowly as she made her way to the king sized bed. It had a wooden headboard and footboard. The blanket was pulled back revealing a pink sheet. She smiled, pink was her favorite color. It was obvious he did this for her. She turned around to find him right behind her. He raised his hand and softly brushed her cheek. He leaned down and kissed her on the lips.
“You know I love you right.”
“I know.” she muttered in a soft, low voice, the voice of an insecure teenager.
“You know I would never do anything to hurt you right?”
“I do.” And this wasn’t a lie, she trusted him more than she trusted anybody before. He made the world seem fresh, exciting. She never wanted to lose this feeling.
“Good.” He then slid his hand down to her shoulder and pulled back the spaghetti strap. She blushed as he pulled down the other one. She raised her arms above her head and in one swift motion her shirt was off and tossed onto the floor. He removed her bra and ran his hand over her small breasts. He grinned as goosebumps suddenly swept over her body. He reached down and pulled her skirt to the floor. He dropped to his knees and kissed her belly. She held his head in her arms, running her fingers through his soft hair. He continued south of her navel and when he got to her panties he gripped them with his teeth and pulled them down. She stood there as stiff as a board. She felt the sudden urge to pee and she shook with excitement and embarrassment. This was the first time, besides harmless picture messages she sent him, that he saw her naked. She hoped he wasn’t disappointed. She knew her breasts weren’t that big but assured herself that they will grow. Jake’s wife had huge boobs and it intimidated her. But his wife didn’t matter to him at this moment, for as he looked at her naked body, her soft skin and hairless crotch, to Jake she looked like a goddess.
 Thoughts rushed through his mind. Was he really doing this? How did this even happen? He knew the answer to this question. He lured her in. Since the beginning of the school year he took notice of her. Her thin frame, her tiny breasts, that beautiful smile she flashed around. She floated through life without a care in the world. That’s how he wanted to be again, careless and free like when he was young, before the harsh world of being a grown up reared its ugly head. He hated being an adult, he wanted to be her age again. So he would sit in class while his students did tests and quizzes and he would daydream of this over and over. He wanted her and he now got her in.
The bait was easy. All he had to do was buy her gifts and be nice to her. He had been a teacher for a while now and knew young girls at this age just want someone to be nice to them. That’s what all the little bastard boys in school didn’t understand. Be nice and they will fall head over heels in love.
He’d never done anything like this before. He wasn’t just some pervert, some pedophile. He stressed this to himself, constantly telling himself that he was doing nothing wrong. A pedophile does it for sex, he’s a pervert, he did it for love. Who’s to say that it was wrong? She was going through puberty wasn’t she? In the animal kingdom this is when sexual activity starts, not at a certain age. The laws were built by the old world, a god fearing world trying to take something beautiful and natural and call it a crime.
But what did he expect the outcome to be? He didn’t. He just went with it, and now here he was in love with a thirteen year old girl. Sure, he had Janet but his love for her had changed. They were more or less business partners now, living under the same roof. Hell, she didn’t even have sex with him anymore really. They were drifting apart and even she saw it. Every year she got older and every year he felt the attraction fade. He didn’t want spoiled fruit, he wanted a nice juicy one. Divorce was in the future, this much was obvious. But this? How did he get himself into this situation?
“Do you like my body?” She asked in a broken voice, refusing to make eye contact.
“My angel.” He ran his hand down her neck and to her breasts. He cupped one, rubbing his palm over her nipple. She gasped and moaned in pleasure.
“Let me see yours.”
Jake unbuttoned his shirt and pulled it off. She looked with lust at all his muscles. He took care of himself. When he removed his pants and underwear and saw his penis for the first time she gasped. Could she even handle one that big?
Now the two of them stood naked in the room, both their heads swimming with confused thoughts. Jake didn’t think about the consequences thus far, so why start now. He grabbed her by the waist and hoisted her onto the bed. They hadn’t even begun and she was sweating. She opened her legs as he positioned himself on top of her.
It hurt her, it hurt bad. She wondered if all boys’ things were this big or if Jake was just an exception. It hurt but in a good way. Jake swept her away from childhood and looked deep into his eyes the whole time.

When they were done her legs felt like Jell-O. She could feel his cum running out into her underwear. She wore it with pride, with love.
In the kitchen she lividly poured herself a cup of soda. Jake smiled at her as she sat down at the kitchen table with him. She took his hand into her own. He looked at them and saw how small, how child like they were compared to his. It made him…sick.
“One day this will be my kitchen and I will cook for you.”
“Yeah.” Jake seemed less enthusiastic about it all. The whole situation didn’t set right with him now that it was over. It was one thing to cheat on your wife; it was a whole different one when a child was involved.
My God, she’s a fucking child. What were you thinking?
“I will do your laundry and clean the house and we will live together forever.”
Diana noticed his attitude change and looked at him alarmed. Did she do something wrong to make him like this? He had been so loving at the mall, so caring when they got to the house. What had changed during sex to make him so…distant? Did she do it wrong?
“Is everything ok?”
“Yeah.” He pulled away and sunk his face into his hands. He felt his whole world come crashing down all around him. What he did was wrong, real wrong. Now he had to deal with the situation he got himself into. He raised his head and looked at the no longer innocent child, an innocence he stole and defiled. He shook his head. “No, it’s not all right.”
“What’s wrong baby?” She leaned in and touched his cheek. He grabbed her hand and threw it away from him.
“Don’t do that.”
“What’s wrong? Don’t you love me?”
Child molester!
“I do love you.”
“Then what’s wrong?”
“That’s just it, I love you.” He returned his face to his hands as tears ran down his cheeks. When Diana saw this her eyes also swelled up. “What I did was wrong. What I did was wrong and I can’t take it back.”
“No, it was beautiful. That is what people in love do.” Now tears ran down her cheeks as well. She was confused, lost.
“No, I took advantage of a little girl.”
“I’m not a little girl.” She suddenly said defensively. She said it so strong that she had almost convinced Jake that it was true.
“Diana, you are barely thirteen years old.” He removed his hands from his face and looked her in the eyes. “I’m your teacher and I did a bad thing.”
“But mentally I’m older, you told me that. You told me that I was advanced for my age.”
“I did and you are. Still, I shouldn’t have done what I did. This needs to end.” With these words her eyes began to gush. She felt the butterflies return and the pit in her stomach grow. She felt the walls that held her psyche together give way as the ceiling came crashing down.Her world was ending. She had everything and with those simple words, all hope was lost.
“What?” She felt her heart crush, obliterate. Her throat began to close and she choked on her worlds. “But-but-I-don’t-“
“It’s over, I can’t do this anymore.”
“No.” She said softly, almost a whisper.
“I mean…its wrong Diana.”
“No.” She got a little louder.
“We need to end this now. We can’t see each other anymore.”
“No.” Now almost screaming.
“Breaks coming soon and then you will have the entire summer to get over this and then you will meet a boy. One your own age.”
“No!” She screamed as she hurled herself from her chair. Her mind began to spiral out of control as her head filled with confusing emotions. She turned in a circle as she tried to steady herself. She felt the need to throw up. She looked at Jake and her heart felt like it would burst in her chest. She ran to the drawer near the sink and opened it. Staring at her was a large knife. She reached down and grasped it. She spun around and thrust it into the air in Jake’s direction. Jake stood up from his chair with his hands raised up.
“Diana, put the knife down.” He made his way around the table trying to figure a way to disarm her. He was slow, no fast actions. “Easy now, you don’t want to hurt anyone.”
“You tricked me; you tricked me into fucking you.” She screamed as she wildly swung the knife in his direction. With his hands out in defense the blade ripped open his middle finger. Blood spilled onto the ground and Diana looked at it, seemingly lost in it. Jake knew his chance to disarm her before she hurts him or herself was now or never. He approached her.
“No, I do love you.” She shot her head up at him and raised the knife again in his direction.
“Shut up you fucking liar. How many other girls have you fucked besides me, huh?”
“None, I swear.” She swung the knife and missed him. She moved forward as he backed up.
 “I’m going to hurt you like you hurt me.”
“Diana, don’t do this.” She moved closer and he backed up.
“I’m fucking serious, I will kill you. I want you dead.”
“Diana, listen.” Again she got closer and he backed up.
“I can’t believe I fell for it, fell for you!”
“Diana, put the knife down.” She moved forward and he stepped back.
“You’re a piece of shit.”
“But Diana, you don’t have to do this.” She moved closer and as he stepped back he felt the wall.It was over. She had made up her mind and there was no way to escape from this. He created this situation and if he had to die at this little girl’s hands, well so be it. For the first time in his pathetic existence he was going to take responsibility, even if that meant at his demise.
Diana screamed on the top of her lungs. She turned the knife around and jammed it into her own abdomen. Jake froze. All seemed to go silent for a second and all he heart was a heart beat. She let out a blood curdling yell as she dropped to her knees.
“Diana!” Jake rushed to her side. Blood spilled from her young body all over the kitchen floor. He scooped her up into his arms as she dropped the knife. She began gasping, spitting up blood and trying desperately to remain alive. He looked down at her dying eyes. She had tears running down her soft cheeks. She cried for many reasons and they were all his fault. She reached up with a bloody hand and rubbed his cheek. She mouthed the words “I love you”. Then that gasping breath slowed, the light left her eyes like someone flicked a switch and her chest stopped rising. She lay in his arms still as a doll with glass, lifeless eyes.
Jake sat there with the dead girl in his arms crying. He buried his face in her neck as he sobbed. He screamed out to the ceiling and yelled. He loved her. He loved her and watched her die.
Then he heard a noise. It was the front door opening. He heard the footsteps and knew his wife was home.
He looked at the knife on the floor and in an instant began weighing out his options. He could do the same, he could kill himself too. Like Romeo and Juliet. It was a hell of a lot easier than explaining to the cops and his wife what this dead girl was doing at her teacher’s house, why she killed herself. It would be a scandal. They would figure it all out and he would go to prison. He would go to prison for a long time. And nothing mattered anymore. Life didn’t matter because he lost the first person he ever loved. His existence on Earth no longer mattered. He didn’t know if heaven or hell existed but why not take a chance on the other side. Reunite with her maybe in another life.
He could kill himself but the truth was that he was a coward. He didn’t have the balls to do it. So he sat there, dead girl in his arms, and waited to hear his wife’s screams.

The End

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