Piggy Molo with three Piggy Molo's in tow

Greetings, fellow pigs (and ducks, on request of a duck pal). This story may scare the pigginess (or duckness) out of you, or it might make you laugh. It depends on if you are a true animal or not.

By Piggy Hasonah Molo (the best pig ever)

There once was a pig called Piggy Hasonah Molo (me) who was very amazing and brilliant no matter what it did. One day, Piggy was harmlessly trotting down the street when there was a shop with a very piggily thing in the window. It was four little plastic pigs - a big one and three tiny ones. THE BIG ONE LOOKED JUST LIKE PIGGY MOLO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She was so shocked she almost turned into a duck, but managed not to (just)! It was a PIGGY MOLO WITH THREE PIGGY MOLOS IN TOW.

A duck called Leions waddled over and said, "I made those Piggys to make you into a duck, but it didn't work so now I will fly to australia where I will stay undercover as a kangaroo trainer. No one will EVER find me! MWA HA HA HA!" The duck laughed evily and then flew off to australia.

Piggy didn't care so she went home and tried not to think about it.

The End.

The End

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