Pieces of Time

Evie was never very outspoken, and was usually ignored by her peers. She wishes that she would've taken more risks in life, but when the news that she only has one month to live arrives, all hope is lost. Or so she thinks.

When I sit I think of all the ways I have wasted my life so far. I never went out and explored, what has my life become? All I do is hide in the shadows and wait for someone to come and give me an experience but they never do. I watch the television, seeing stories of life coming through the screen, people out and doing things, being able to say they did something other than just sit and wish that  things weren't the same old daily grind of waking up, going to school, finishing coursework, and then passing out in bed. 

I never really had any friends. I just sat in my confined corner of  the classrooms, working diligently. Sure, I should be proud of my all A streak since preschool, but its not that hard when you have nothing to fill your time besides studying. I've always been shy and to myself. No one approached me since I didn't want to speak to anyone. Now as my senior year is finally coming to a close, I think of everything I had pushed aside. How many football games I had never bothered to sit through, every dance I never attended, every field day I purposely skipped. 

I would sit and read of different lives. How I wondered what it was like to fly through the sky, or fight crazy monsters. Even the basic dramas where girls would fight over a boyfriend or something. I've never been approached by a boy. I couldn't help but wonder if anyone ever really noticed me. Maybe I was just like a ghost to them. They forgot I was even there until I answered questions for them and when they could easily copy off my paper. 

None of this had really bothered me until one day a doctor told me I had a rare disease, and that my life was coming to an end very quickly. He didn't know anything about my ailment, how to treat it, how it happened, or even what it was called. All he knew was that I had only about a month left to live. Tears swallowed in my eyes and I had a very strong urge to burst out like some melodramatic girl. I had only a month to make up for what I hadn't even bothered to make of my life before. How was I supposed to accomplish this with the rut I had dug myself in. There was no way I could live out everything I wanted to in such a short period of time. 

Since I can sometimes be an avid dreamer I wrote out all of my ideas on a piece of paper. Kind of like a bucket list. It was a depressing list since everything I wrote seemed miles away from me. But I hung it up above my bed. I looked it over a couple of times to make sure I didn't forget anything. It simply read: 


-Join Student Council

-Win some sort of Homecoming Royalty

-Get a great group of friends

-Date a boy just to break his heart

-Date a boy like a fairy tale

-Get married

-Go to a crazy party, just to try it

-Save somebody who needs my help

-Get my heart broken

-Make a difference

-Stay up all night on the town

-Go to the movies with a friend, or boyfriend

-Experience a miracle. 

The list still didn't seem complete, and wasn't in any real order, since I wasn't sure what would ever happen first. Yet it didn't matter since none of it would happen anyways. 

"Evelyn?" An unfamiliar voice called out from behind me. I turned that night to see a bright golden face, her features almost too beautiful to make out for how bright she was.

"Um, its Evie," I muttered, since I didn't really care for being called Evelyn.

"Evie then," She giggled sweetly. "I know of your woes. I am here to aid you  in your hopes and dreams." In here hands a soft glow grew into an orb of golden light. She handed it out to me. I looked down at it as it took shape into an hourglass with golden sand.

"What is  this?" I asked, simply confused.

"This is an hourglass that will take you back and forward in time as much as you want. It can keep and erase events in case you decide you wish it hadn't have happened."

"So I can live finally?" I asked.

"Yes," She spoke. "But be careful, playing with time is dangerous, and everything you do  is real." 

"Thank you!" I sobbed. She smiled down at me.

"Good luck," She smiled as she faded away.

I sat down on my bed, looking down at the gift that she had given me. I wish I would've asked her name, but maybe someday I might learn it. But I considered this a great gift.   


The End

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