Chapter 7

Chapter 7:

Renge hadn't been expecting to attend the reading of Haruhi's will, but she had been invited by Tamaki after the funeral, and she could not say no to him, nor the small Rin at his side. Her blonde hair matched Tamaki's almost exactly, her eyes brown like Haruhi's—chocolate. Poor thing didn't understand what was going on.

"I don't know quite why I'm writing this," Haruhi's lawyer read in a voice that was way too monotonous to express anything the wonderful Haruhi could possibly have to say.

"Give me that thing," Renge said, spitefully, snatching the paper roughly from the callous man behind the desk. "You know nothing about Haruhi. Let me read it, you loathsome creature." Clearing her throat, she looked each and every one of the Host Club members in the eye. If they were going to do this for Haruhi, they would do it correctly.

"I don't know quite why I'm writing this, but I read in a periodical last week an inspirational poem that made me think about my plans for the future. I have a wonderful life with Tamaki, and a wonderful daughter—I'm very sure that if this is being read I'll have lived to be over fifty."

Tamaki sniffed. Renge rubbed his back soothingly, glancing over at the woman who had been introduced to her as Kimika, standing behind where Kyouya was sitting. Renge didn't like her. Maybe the timing of their meeting was off, maybe Renge was just angry about having Haruhi taken away from her, but something about her was just not quite right.

"I have already set aside a full college fund for Rin. I doubt that there is a single college that it couldn't pay for. Tamaki is aware of this. And therefore, I donate fifty percent of my net worth to Ouran High school. I was its Headmistress and that seems very much appropriate to me. The other half is hereby donated in equal portions to my husband, Tamaki; Honey, Mori, Hikaru, Kaoru, Kyouya, and Nekozawa-senpai. I have not spoken to Nekozawa for quite some time, but I keep him in my thoughts and I'm sure I'm in his. I advise all of you to use this for whatever it is you feel that you deserve in life at this point. You've made wonderful differences in my life—I want you to feel I've done the same for you.

"Just in case I haven't lived out the fifty years stated above, or if something's happened to me, I want to leave messages for the following people on this present day.

"Tamaki—my wonderful Tamaki. I love you. I have always loved you and I assure you I do even in the afterlife. Stop crying about me. I know that you are. There are probably others who are upset about this, too. Take care of them. Take care of Rin. Don't change the furniture to all black to match your mood. Turn the lights back on, and sleep in your bed and not the couch or the floor. You'll be fine, darling. I promise.

"Rin—I'm sorry that you're losing me. I have never gotten over losing my mother, and I can only hope that my death wasn't sudden. In the off-chance that it was, I love you, and I'm sorry about whatever I might miss in the future. I promise that I didn't leave you on purpose. Please, do what you want in life. Don't follow anyone else's standards. Don't let your father bully you into going to Ouran. You don't have to. And should you eventually have a step-mother, try to be nice to her if she is a good person. Everyone deserves a chance. The Host Club taught me that, and it's the most important lesson I've ever learned."

Tamaki broke down into tears, sobbing loudly, and Renge spoke a bit louder.

"Kyouya—you know how I feel about you. I hope that you will stop caring about your brothers' success. You're much more man than they will ever be. Don't ever forget that. I've seen you smile and I've seen you cry, and it takes a man to do both of those things. You are much stronger than you pretend to be. The mask isn't necessary.

"To everyone else: Although I haven't mentioned you by name, I love you just as much. I have personal belongings I'd like to disperse: My mother's picture and her belongings, I leave to Rin to keep, to remind her of how much I care. If I loved my mother that much, I love her in the same way if not more, and I expect that love in return. To Tamaki, I leave my room in my father's home—and I know that he's kept all of my old things. To Kyouya, I leave an exact replica of the vase I broke when I was at Ouran. I found it a few years ago, and I decided to keep it a surprise. To Hikaru—I leave my childhood bicycle. Tamaki should have it. To Kaoru—I leave to you the knowledge that you'll never figure out how I could tell the two of you apart. You're different. To Honey and Mori—I leave a very special cake for you to share. There are additional instructions in this will to have it ordered and delivered, but I'm mandating that you can't see it. Just know that you'll get it soon, and I promise it'll be the most delicious you've ever tasted. Anything else not specified can be given away to others who want something to remember me by. I'm sorry that I can't detail this more for you all who love me or who will in the future. Thank you for being such wonderful friends. Even the Lobelia girls and Renge—"

Renge's eyes watered as she continued. "Y-you're still more Moe than all of us."

Oh that I were where I would be!
Then I would be where I am not;
But where I am there I must be,
And where I would be I cannot.

The End

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