Chapter 6

Chapter 6:

Kimika wasn't sure what to think as she stood by Kyouya during the procession. The funeral itself had been very depressing; quite a number of people had attended—Haruhi had made a very strong impression on many people. Kimika herself had wanted to meet her—she was all Kyouya spoke about when recounting his school days. When Kyouya had proposed to her, she had told her very honestly,

"My first love, as you know, will always be Haruhi."

But Kimika did love him, and Kyouya had made it very clear that his only intention was to be honest about his feelings. His love for Haruhi did not detract from his feelings for her. Despite what he felt for Haruhi, Kimika had heard about his adventures at Ouran High School, and she knew how much of an impression she had made on Kyouya and everyone else. She had honestly looked forward to meeting such an extraordinary woman. And now she never would.

She had apologized for the incident with the dress. It had been thoughtless, a mistake that made her unworthy of standing at Kyouya's side. He was flawless, perfect; he deserved the same from his wife. She had donned the school uniform without question. But now, at the funeral, she wore black.

The family hour, which she had been permitted to along with the Host Club family and Kyouya—it had been unbearable. Haruhi's still body looked so…surreal, in the same way that most bodies at funerals did. Kimika had been to her fair share. Although she had not known Haruhi personally, she found herself shedding tears at the casket. Kimika could feel the pain that Haruhi's passing brought upon everyone there, and knowing that Kyouya shared that pain made her susceptible to the news as well. Kyouya himself did not shed tears, standing there with his arm wrapped around her. Kimika knew why: he had cried when he had first gotten the news—and for much longer, almost until the very day they had arrived at Ouran. Kimika had cared for him, been strong for him, and now she would cry the tears that he could not.

The saddest thing to watch was Tamaki and the small girl. Tamaki wept over the casket, crying out Haruhi's name and trying to clutch at her lifeless body. Kyouya and Mori had to pull him away; Honey took care of seating the girl, who seemed very much unaware of what was happening. Kimika wept into her kerchief.

"The deceased leaves behind," the priest had said, "her husband, Suoh Tamaki, and her daughter, Suoh Rin." If Tamaki hadn't gone to take care of his sick daughter, he could have been gone, too.

Tamaki's crying echoed throughout the hall during the entire service. It was Haruhi's father, Kimika was told later, who gave the eulogy. He was a very handsome man, brown hair pulled back into a ponytail, his suit just as neat as those attending from the Host Club group. Later, much later, Kimika would hear that Haruhi's father was a cross dresser, and she would not believe a word of it. Kimika glanced at all of the attendees—schoolmates from middle and high school, a large group of women from the Lobelia Women's Academy…too many people. She had never seen a funeral this large before.

After the service, Tamaki was still unfit to be a pallbearer. Kimika wanted to say something poignant, something special, something considerate and meaningful. She could think of nothing adequate when she gazed into Tamaki's swollen eyes. He fell apart even more badly during the burial.

The End

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