Chapter 5

Chapter 5:

Tamaki had been out of the manor all day. He had needed time to cope with a few things. Understandable. Hikaru himself was finding it difficult to cope. Nothing made sense to him anymore. No one wanted to speak or be in the same room together if they could help it. There was only one day before the service and no one knew what to do. Everything was useless. So bloody useless.

"Hikaru," came Kaoru's voice, wafting over Hikaru's ears like water. "What are you doing?"

"Thinking," was Hikaru's answer.

"Mourning," was his brother's correction.

"Reflecting." Hikaru compromised. He didn't want to admit what was going on in his head.

Kaoru paused. They could have turned this conversation into a game, but Hikaru knew that Kaoru wouldn't. Now was not the time for games.

"You're worried about Tamaki," Kaoru asked. Hikaru nodded. "Or are you worried about her?"

"Which one?" Hikaru asked. "…we know that Haruhi…she's gone to a better place."

"Then it's obvious who I'm talking about."

"…is it a crime to be worried? She's all that Tamaki has now."

"Tamaki has us."

"…this isn't something that we can fix, Kaoru!"

"But we can make things easier."

"Can we, Kaoru? Can we?"

The End

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