Chapter 3

Chapter 3:

This is my wife. Her name is Kimika." Kyouya's voice echoed through the Third Music Room. The tanned woman who had remained with Kyouya the last two days curtsied just so, long black hair falling across her face and spilling onto her matching dress.

"I am sorry that we had to meet under these circumstances," she said, her American accent showing in otherwise perfectly structured Japanese. Nothing less from the Ohtori family, Kaoru thought. He wondered vaguely if their marriage had been arranged. Kaoru had no reason to dislike her, but his frown didn't leave his face. She was dressed in black, like she had been a few days ago. It wasn't the time for black yet; it was time to console Tamaki.

The blonde's eyes themselves kept drifting to the woman's clothing.

Kyouya spoke again. "As I said Tuesday I have taken care of all of the arrangements. The funeral will be Friday. Saturday, we shall have the will read. There will be time on Sunday to accomplish whatever is necessary for the school to open up again on Monday. Hikaru and Kaoru will oversee the students moving back in on Sunday. I have called Renge and she will be assisting Kimika in dealing with issues among the female students if necessary. She said that she would be delighted to help in any way possible." Tamaki looked as though he hadn't heard a single word. His eyes rested on Kimika's black dress. Indeed, it was the darkest thing in the room. The Third Music Room just wasn't made for such stark clothing. It was too soon for black. "Although," Kyouya added, "I do have a question for you, Tamaki." Tamaki's eyes fluttered over to Kyouya, and he nodded, slowly. "Forgive my account of ignorance, but…how exactly…" for once, Kyouya seemed to not be able to bring himself to ask the full question. The fact that hadn't finished the sentence almost made Kaoru smile. It was rare that Kyouya was moved into being considerate of others. But now was not the time for smiling. All eyes were on Tamaki. "I am aware," Kyouya spoke yet again, "but in her haste my secretary did not explain the full story. I have no details on the matter at all."

"I…" Tamaki began. His voice sounded scratchy. He had been crying again. The blonde's eyes drifted once again to Kimika's dress. And something changed in him that time. Kaoru saw it. Tamaki's brows knitted, and he quickly jumped to his feet. But before he could open his mouth, Mori rushed foreward, cold eyes boring into Kyouya. Tamaki's volume rose quickly as he loudly said, "I-!"

"Please," Mori said. Honey made his way to Tamaki and set him back down on the solitary couch. Kaoru couldn't hear what Honey was saying, but it seemed to put out whatever minute rage had risen in Tamaki. Kaoru shook his head. Kyouya turned to his wife and whispered something in her ear. She nodded and scurried off. Kaoru sighed. Kyouys should have known to caution her against wearing that.

"Tamaki-sama," Honey said quietly.

"I…I…" Tamaki frowned. "I am sorry," he said to Kyouya. And Tamaki said nothing more.

The End

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