Who sent you?

I didn't have much time, I asked one question, "Who sent you?"  He gurgled, spewing little flecks of red liquid in my face.  One word "Father"...  One word that brought a lifetime of confusion.  

I darted through the darkness, watching the fading lights of the patrol cars, listening to the rumbling sound in the distance.  Somewhere lightening was striking the ground.  Somewhere someone was sitting back waiting for a call.  

This was stupidity on my part, I was never called to deliver messages, this was done as a favor.  I thought back over the information I was given, height, weight, color, I was sent the image, given the time, the date, the place.  It always stated {STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL}  But someone had known.  It was deliberate, I knew that for a fact.

Reaching the car, one of many,  I Shrugged off my dark clothing, I straightened out the folds of my dress,  opened my purse, pulled out the compact, applied lipstick, and a little powder...  kicking off the tennis, reaching under the seat for my heels, one word struck me, elimination. 

I had been targeted... the game was on.

The End

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