Piece Person


I steadied my heartbeat,  counting, 1 alligator, 2 alligator, 3 alligator.   Settling back against the stone wall, using the darkness as a shroud, I prepared myself.

This had not been my aspiration when I was a child.  I'd wanted to be what all little girls wanted to be,  a princess.  Mom, would be shocked, she'd clutch her chest and probably have that heart attack she's been faking for years now.  Dad... would take it in stride, he'd be proud, oh for the sake of mom, I'm sure he'd scold me.  Down inside, he'd be ecstatic.

I think the waiting, no maybe, it was the not knowing, caused the anxiety.  People were funny, and you never knew how they were going to react.  Course, most of the time, it was over before they knew it.   My adrenaline rush made me feel alive.  I kept the edge of the Butterfly sharp.  Mach and Gloc were not for me, I liked it up close and personal.

However, this wasn't going to be my quick response.  There was a message, and that, should have been my first clue.

There hadn't been a sound, no footsteps, no breaths, no breaking twigs or crunching gravel.  He was on me in an instant, and I moved just in time to avoid the jolt that would have rendered me helpless.  Side stepping, I swung the Butterfly around, twirling it and struck.  The strike was true, he dropped to the ground, face first, grabbing his throat as his life spilled onto the ground.  I heard sirens, and they weren't far.

I turned him over, that's when the full power of the setup hit me. 

He was a cop.

The End

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