I wake up feeling numb and drowsy, like I've just awoken from an operation or something.

   The room is dark and musty; the only light is coming through a gap in the boarded-up window, and I can see the dust particles dancing in front of it. There's no-one in here with me, and everything is silent, apart from my breathing, growing quicker and louder with every passing second as I realize the situation I'm in here.

   I have no clue about this guy or what he's going to do to me, and as I hear footsteps slowly approaching from the other side of the door behind me, I have only one phrase ringing through my head continuously: 'Seriously dodgy - get out!' I start to panic, although I'm trying desperately not to. As the door handle begins to turn, I leap up and duck behind the black shabby armchair I was lying on. I don't even dare to breathe.

   To my surprise it's not the man with the green eyes who comes through the door; it's a small girl in a ragged red dress. She only looks about six or seven years old, with short dark hair and big brown eyes, that seem scared but too knowing for a young kid. Too old.


   She knows my name. How is this possible? Especially as I seem to be called Cassie now?

   "Or is it Cassie?"

   There you go.

   "Are you scared of me? Is that why you're hiding behind the armchair?"

   I straighten up and brush the dust from my sleeves. "'Course not. It' there a man here by any chance?"

   "Yes." she says slowly, but gives me no more information.

   "Why has he taken us here?"

   "He hasn't taken me," she tells me. "He's taken you though. You need his help."

   As if on cue, the man appears in the doorway and I back away in total fear. The girl seems completely content standing next to him though; I could even say there's a touch of admiration in her expression as she looks up at him.

   "Cassie, or Carah, or whatever your name is," says the man in a dull, bored voice, his startling eyes searching me out. "You don't have any idea about what's happened to you, do you?" At this he smiles almost sadistically.

   I don't answer that but ask him a different question. "Which one am I then? Am I Carah or Cassie, because I can't tell any more."

   It takes him a while to reply, but when he does it's unfortunately the answer I expected. "Cassie. You're Cassie Brighton."

   "Why? Why has everything suddenly changed...?" I bite my lip. I'm not going to cry again.

   He laughs unexpectedly, and the girl laughs along with him, but hers is shrill and forced. "That's the least of your troubles now, Cassie." he grins, and pushes me through the doorway into a mass of pure white, like I'm caught in the middle of a snowstorm. The only thing I can see apart from whiteness is a sillhouette, fuzzy and hazy because it's so far away from me, but there are two red eyes clearly visible. I don't know why but they petrify me...I don't even know what they are but I'm frozen with fear, and there's one thing I know for sure; they're coming closer to me every second.

The End

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