The smell of faeces attracted the flies and his lazy eye slunk in its socket, he tossed and turned in his drunken stupor, mumbling in his sleep.  As the bush rustled and he turned to face upwards fumes of alcohol erupted from his gummy mouth, a gargantuan bellow along with it, the pair attracting the attention of the beat bobby on his nightly stroll.

“Piebald!  Get up!” he slapped him around the face and dragged him up onto his feet, only for him to tumble to the floor again once left to stable himself.

“I...wath...an...fofficer...id...thee greet waw!” the tramp thrashed about shouting obscenities and biting the policeman’s ankles.

The man in blue gave up with a kick to the ribs and continued on his way, cursing under his breath and spitting anger.  

The End

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