Fresh Equilibrium?

There arrival was prompt. Paul had slept through the duration of the journey but suspected Duncan would have blathered on to him nevertheless. Duncan was a tall and haggard man that towered over Paul. his matted grey hair often masked his eyes which were equally unfriendly. Despite this, and his distinctive odour of something in the rot, Paul had warmed to Duncan. He was a character and a refreshing change from the dull and monotone that he'd endured for so long.

"Wake up ya lazy bastard!"

Paul was already awake but had predicted such an outburst.

"How long have we got?"

He questioned with the hope of catching some evening sun and a whisky or two.

"Were getting' picked up from ere in about twenty so lets just hang back from the ol' juice till we get there aye"

Paul gently dropped his head back and glanced out the window. He grinned at the swaying palms in the distance.

The End

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