Oliver was down stairs fixing something for us to eat. He practically lived here as both of our parents worked all of the time. 
My parents didn't mind as they think I got 'lonely'. It worked for me.

My phone bleaped next to me on the bed. Looking down at the screen Oliver came in pushing the door open with his back, biting a bit out of one half of his sandwich

New Message from Kieren.

"You know, I have never seen any pictures of Kieren." He said with his mouth full of lettuce and ham walking across the room.

"Hmm?" I muttered distracted as I opened the text.

I thought about what you said and I'm sorry. Forgiven?

"I've never seen any pictures of Kieren." he repeated sitting down next to me and putting the plate, with my sandwich on it, in the middle of the bed.

"Oh. I think I have some." I jumped up from the bed pressing the back button on my phone and walked over to my selves standing just next to the desk. I kneeled on the floor and moved books and junk I've kept over the years until I found an old tatered box that was full of old photos. All the new ones were stuck on the walls.

I walked back over ,skipping a little, and gave him the box. As I sat next to him he opened it.

"You have so many photo's" he said picking up each one up in turn and setting them down on the bed from the massive pile.

"I know. Thats him." I said as he picked up a photo with me when I was forteen sitting next to a guy with black scruffy hair with dark brown eyes.

"Hmm." he smiled ,not really taking any notice Kierans face, and set it down and picking up another,

"Oh no" I groaned,

"What?"he looked at me worried

"That's me when I was three." I moaned pointing at it  "This is so embarresing!" I blushed and quickly grabbed it running to the door laughing.

"Hey!" he said chuckling trying to grab my shirt. "Let me see it."

"No way." I held the photo as high as my hand could reach as I stood near the door frame.

"Lacey. Please?" he asked seductivly slowly walking towards me,




"What if I do this?" He muttered tracing his hand along my jaw smiling.

"No. Your not seeing it!"

"Please?" he whispered against my neck.

"No." Believe me it was hard to get the words out.

The End

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