The Angry SongMature

Staring at the pale green wall of my bedroom, I tapped my fingers angrily on the old oak desk.
He's your best friend I thought. On the other hand you don't have to keep sorting out everything for him. Your not his mother Lacey, he's a big boy now and can look after himself.

Twisting on my chair I looked across the room at my upright piano. It probably wasn't the best of times to play but I got up from the compter chair, narrowly missing poor Luckies head and started to play anyway.

Concentrating on the music ,to calm myself, I didn't even hear the door open. Let alone notice someone sit next to me. As the composition came to a close and I leaned over to press the last note someone already beat me to it.

I looked up and jumped. "Jeese!" I shouted, looking up into a beautiful pair of green eyes that  you could lose yourself in.
He smiled at me. I laughed leaning into his shoulder, as he put his arm arm around me. "You scared the living day lights out of me!" I giggled.

"Sorry about that. I didn't mean to scare you." he said softly. "Are you angry?" he asked concerned,

"I'm not  angry." I frowned.

"Oh come on Lacey, you are definatley angry with someone... or something." He confirmed.

"How could you possibly know that?"

"You were playing the song that you always play when your angry." He said pleased with himself,

"I don't have an angry song." he looked down at me saying oh-come-on with his eyes. "Ok. Maybe I do have an angry song." I sighed. "How did you know that anyway?"

"I'm one of those rare guys that actually listen to there gorgeous girlfriend." He smiled and kissed my forehead. "So, are you gunna tell me whats up?"

I sighed hesitating.  "Go on, you know you want too!" he chuckled. Well I know you want to but I'm not sure you'll like what comes out I said in my head. "Lacey, tell me."

"It's Kieren again." he frowned. He knew he had a major crush on me. "Jealous?" I teased raising an eye brow and getting off of the piano chair and walking back over to my desk sorting out the paper scattered across it,

"Of course not." He smiled, turning his body to face me across the room "I just don't understand why you put up with his crap."

"I know. But I can't just desert him. I was his best friend."


"I think I kinda wrecked it." I said frowning at the thought "How do you do that?" I changed the subject quickly,

"Do what?"

"Notice everything, it's creepy" I laughed "Most guys don't give a crap" he got up and walked across the room. He reached down and held both of my hands.

"I guess I'm not one of those guys." he said looking deeply into my sapphire blue eyes.

"I guess your not." I whispered  tip toeing and putting my arms round his neck smiling,

"I know I'm not." he whispered back putting his hands around my back pulling me against his chest.

"Good to know." I muttered as he leaned in and kissed me.

The End

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