Picking Up The PiecesMature

‘Jessica dumped me again." The messenger flashed up on my screen. I sighed at the words. Here we go again.

‘What do you mean she's dumped you?' I typed quickly back,

'She's dumped me. I might as well be dead.'

'No you shouldn't and you know it!'

'I have no friends. Only you. Why can't you come back to Ramsgate? I miss you!'

'I miss you too. But I can't come back, I live in London now. I'm happy here. Why Don't you make some new friends?'

'Lucky for some, and I don't want to make new friends. I want you and Jessica back.'

I didn't reply. My hand hovered over the keys as I thought about if typing what was in my head was a good idea.
'To be honest I don't think you should get back together.'

'What? Why!'

'Because it always ends up like this! Me picking up the pieces! All the damn time! Find a new girlfriend for gods sake!'

Kieran is offline. Oh Crap!

I knew I shouldn't of done that, but I was sick of it. Every other week I was sorting out his problems, him and Jessica always splitting up and getting back together. When I was at my old school he was my best friend. The only downfall was that he had a massive crush on me, which kinda made things awkward sometimes.

I was ecstatic when he told me he was with Jessica, as that meant he was over me. But ever since then it was like this. Hopefully he doesn't do anything stupid.

"Why do people have to make things so complicated?!" I sighed down at Lucky, my border collie, who was sleeping next to the computer chair. He groaned in his sleep. "Tell me about it." I muttered logging off.

The End

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