Catch up with her later...Mature

I stared at the girl in the corner for longer than I intended to. She never stopped looking so damn amused. If it wasn't for that shock of blue through her hair, I would have pegged her as one of those good girls. You know, the ones that always listen to mommy and daddy and get straight As in school.

The meeting finally started to get underway, now that I'd satisfied everyone's curiosity. The idiot that got me riled didn't say a word the entire time. I didn't much care though; I wanted to talk to the other girl. She didn't say anything throughout the entire meeting, just sat in her corner and whispered with the boy next to her. Were they a couple or something?

It didn't take long for the bulk of the meeting to be over and the socializing began. It went from quiet to buzzing with noise. I stood up, feeling a lot calmer than I had when I first sat down, though that wasn't saying much. I was still nervous but at least I wasn't sweating. I swallowed before walking over to the girl and her...friend? They looked like they were getting ready to go.

I reached out and tugged at her sleeve to get her attention. "Hey!"

She turned to me, the shock of blue falling into her face before that lopsided smirk played onto her face like before. "Hi...Alice, right?"

"Yeah." I shoved my hands into my jean pockets. "Do you always laugh at people you don't know?"

She tilted her head and the smirk turned into a grin. "Only when they've pissed off the Queen B. Do you always stare at people who appreciate what you do?"

I blinked at her, confused by her response. "Queen B? Oh, you mean that..."

"Yeah, the girl who talks too loud and hates being talked down to, among other things.."

The boy, who had been standing by her shoulder, coughed. "Omen, we have to go."

She turned to him and nodded. "Right. We're going, we're going." Then she glanced back at me. "Hey, you wanna come with us? They're not going to be doing much else here, except swapping gossip."


"Alice!" A hand grabbed my arm from behind. I knew that voice from anywhere. It was Jules, the one who dragged me here and then left me to choose my definition while she 'went off to the bathroom'. "Alice, come on, I have people I want to introduce you to."

I looked between Jules, who kept tugging me back into the crowd, and this Omen, who was slowly walking away.

The End

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