all you need is loveMature

I chose the second option... I've never been the violent type. Of course it's rather difficult to write on your own forehead, so I gave them a saccarin sweet smile and said "I'm undecided, anyone have an issue with that?"

I may be short, I may have jeans so tight that they feel shrink-wrapped, and I may have pretty blue eyes that make most of my friend's mothers at least allow me into their homes, but I also have a total of 14 peircings and a tattoo twisted vine-like up my left fore-arm... I don't fight, but I look like I'd fight dirty if I did.

I glance around the room and other than a girl in the corner everyone is shaking their heads, trying not to look intimidated. The girl in the corner however, with black square-framed glasses and a shock of bright blue running through her otherwise brown hair... she looks amused.

The End

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